11 month-old Corgi mix, adopted by fosters

Update 3/17/2021

Today may be St. Patrick’s Day, but Cora will be toasting instead to what will go down on her calendar as ADOPTION DAY!

When this little girl came to SECR over the summer she was a baby in need of life-saving help. She was born with a congenital hear defect known as PDA, which prevents blood from flowing properly to the lungs. We placed her with one of our special needs fosters to see her through serious heart surgery, a long recovery process, and help just learning how to be a puppy after an extremely rough start in life. Luckily Cora is a fighter and her fosters were dedicated to giving her everything she needed and then some to get her where she needed to be. She recovered well and began living life as a normal healthy pup, and developed some strong bonds with her Corgi siblings and her humans in the process.

Cora and her foster family went through a LOT together during her medical journey and while it wasn’t always an easy road it was one they were intent on taking together for the long haul. It’s not surprising that they grew attached to each other along the way and decided it’s in all their best interest to make their temporary relationship a forever one. We couldn’t be me more thrilled for Cora and her family, and wish them a long, happy, and healthy life together!

Congratulations, Cora! You deserve the best, and we definitely think you got it!

Welcome Cora to SECR!

July 5, 2020: Please join us in welcoming the newest pup to the SECR crew, Cora! Cora is a 3 month old Corgi mix – likely 3/4 Corgi and 1/4 Aussie – that comes to us as an owner surrender, quite literally to save her life. This sweet girl was born with a congenital heart defect known as PDA, which is the failure of a large blood vessel to close after birth in order to properly direct blood flow to the lungs. Without this closure blood doesn’t flow the way it should, and pups can experience larbored breathing and coughs. Heart englargement like Cora’s is also common, and without surgeries pups typically won’t survive.

This surrender was a heart breaking one for Cora’s former owner, but she gave her girl to us knowing that we would be able to get her the mdical help and special needs fostering she needs to pull through this very serious condition. We applaud her for putting Cora first and doing the right thing to save her.

So many of our volunteers banded together over the last week to transport Cora to her new foster home and we’re forever greatful for their dedication to helping her safely in the middle of a pandemic. Cora is currently laying low in her foster home to prevent too much energy exertion, and is scheduled for her surgery this week. We will post updates when we have them and look forward to being able to tell you once she’s pulled through her procedure.