1.5 year-old corgi mix, adopted

Update November 2, 2021: Congratulations, Dax!

Dax is checking in with some very exciting promotion news – he’s officially graduated from foster to adoptee!

When Dax joined the SECR family back in June, he was a very young pup in need of routine medical care and lots of training and socialization. He didn’t know much about how to interact with other people, other animals, or even what it was like to live as a dog with a set schedule and boundaries. He just knew that he loved every person, dog, cat, and even butterfly he met, and wanted nothing more than to make every single one of them his bestest friend. His foster parents – and dedicated corgi foster siblings – worked with Dax for months to teach him “how to be a dog” and direct all his energy in a positive way. He got the training and socialization he needed and has joined his new forever family ready to share his new skills (and more importantly, his zest for life) with a new little chihuahua sister, Layla, by his side.

Dax’s enthusiasm is one of his finest qualities, and we’re so glad to share that he’s gotten the wonderful life with the forever family that he deserves.

Congratulations Dax and family. We look forward to hearing about all your adventures together for years to come!

June 28, 2021: Welcome Dax to SECR!

When in rains, it corgs, and we’ve got another newbie in the SECR house! Please give your warmest corgi mix welcome to Dax!

Weighing in at about 10 pounds, Dax is a small, young “chorgi” (corgi/chihuahua mix) that comes to us as an owner surrender. His previous owners found him as a stray and tried to reunite him with his family. When that didn’t work out they kept him and did the best they could with him. However, they didn’t have the space or resources needed to care for a young pup and knew that giving him to SECR would be in his best interest.

We’re excited to have Dax with us and he’s slowly settling in to his new foster home. Bringing him up to date on a veterinary check-up, vaccines, a heartworm test, and preventatives is a top priority and he’ll also be neutered in the near future. In the meantime, Dax’s foster family will also be working with him on house and basic training and helping him re-direct and focus all of his energy in a positive way. For this boy, everything is new, everything is exciting, and he can barely sit still long enough to take it all in. He seems to love every animal and person he meets, but needs help learning to settle and use good manners. He’ll have a lot of help, and hopefully a good example, from his corgi foster siblings and we’re looking forward to seeing him become his happiest, healthiest best self.

We’ll share more about Dax when we learn more about him, but for now he’s already told us that he has a not-so-secret wish to be a monkey (just talk to him and he’ll show you how much he already sounds like one), smiles at you when he’s happy, and dances his way through the day like Happy Feet.

Welcome, Dax!