~6-year-old corgi mix, adopted by foster

September 18, 2021: Congratulations, Devi!

We like to start our weekends off on the right paw, and today we’re doing that by sharing some corg-tastic news from our comeback kid, Devi!

When Devi joined the SECR family back in May she needed a lot of help. Her Dad had just passed away and she’d gone a long time without medical care for her own issues. She had a UTI, a bacterial skin infection, fleas, and the beginning stages of what could have developed into heartworm if she didn’t receive treatment quickly. We placed her with a special needs foster that was dedicated to getting her up to date on all her necessary medical care and, just as important, giving her all the TLC she needed to get on track to becoming the best corgi mix she could be.

Bonds tend to develop quickly in special cases like this one, and we’re so happy to announce that Devi has officially been adopted by her foster and has her forever family. Congratulations Devi and family – we wish you many happy years together filled with zoomies!

May 10, 2021: Welcome Devi to SECR!

Another day, another corgi (mix)! Please help us give a warm SECR welcome to Devi.

Devi joins the SECR family after the passing of her elderly Dad and has quite a few health needs of her own. We’re having Devi treated for a UTI and a bacterial skin infection that is likely linked to a long-term flea infestation (her foster Mom gave her rapid treatment for fleas as soon as she came in to rescue), and getting her up to date on monthly preventatives and grooming.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed Devi’s heart worm test comes back clear and in the meantime giving her lots of TLC. She’s slowly telling us about herself – like the fact that she loves sweet potatoes – and is settling in to her new foster home nicely.

Welcome to the family, Devi. We’re happy you’re here!