3.5 years old, adopted by foster

December 10, 2021: Congratulations, Emerald!

Any weekend with an adoption is a better weekend, so we’re excited to be heading into this one with good news from Emerald!

Emerald joined the SECR family back in August as one of seven gemstones rescued as part of Operation Corgi Drop 2.0, and she’s the second in her class to officially graduate from foster to adoptee. When she joined us she was overweight and in need of a good diet and exercise plan. battling some allergies on her feet and ears, and in need of routine medical care and a spay. Emerald’s foster family saw her through all her medical care got her on track to being the best corgi she could be. Lucky for her and us they’re all in agreement that the best thing for her moving forward is to stay exactly where she is! We’re excited to announce today that Emerald has been officially adopted by her fosters.

Congratulations, Emerald and family!

August 22, 2021: Welcome Emerald to SECR!

What time is it? Gem time! Say hello to our next newbie from Operation Corgi Drop 2.0, Emerald!

Emerald is settling in well to her new foster home, and already enjoys smiling for the camera. She had her first vet appointment and is in good health overall, but will need to lose some weight. She also has some issues with allergies – her feet have some pink spots from irritation and she has some scabs on her ears from scratching. Emerald is also going into heat so her spay will be on hold until she completes her cycle.

Welcome to the SECR family, precious Emerald!