4 years old, adopted by foster

November 20, 2021: Congratulations, Flint!

Flint joined the SECR family as one of seven mill rescues in Operation Corgi Drop 2.0. He was the only male and only tri-color of the group, and he’s lived up to his name as quite the distinguished gemstone. When Flint joined us, he – like all his fellow gemstones – was behind on vaccines and routine veterinary care. He also needed treatment for a prostate infection and a neuter and was long overdue for a healthy diet and weight loss regimen. Lucky for flint, though, he had a foster Dad that put the time and effort in to getting him on track to the good corgi life. His foster sister, Lucy, was helpful along the way too. This trio bonded quickly, and we’re excited to share today that they’ve decided to make that bond last forever. Flint has officially been adopted by his foster family!

Congratulations, Flint and family. We wish you a long and happy life together that’s fit for a gemstone!

August 20, 2021: Welcome Flint to SECR!

It’s time for another introduction! Please help us give a warm welcome to our next gem from Operation Corgi Drop 2.0, Flint!

Flint is a 4-year-old distinguished gentleman and is unique in that he’s the only male and the only tri-color corgi that comes to us as part of this group of gems. He had had a vet appointment yesterday and in addition to getting his vaccines we also learned that Flint has a prostate infection. He’ll be on antibiotics for at least two weeks and once the infection clears we hope he’ll be healthy enough for his neuter. Flint is also overweight and needs to lose about 5 pounds, so we’ll be working on portion control with a good diet and exercise.

This boy is a sweet one despite his issues, loves other pups, and already has a favorite spot picked out: the middle of his foster Dad’s lap. Welcome to the family, precious Flint!