6 years old, adopted by fosters

Update March 16, 2021: Ginnie is adopted!

Ginnie came to us as a dog in need of some socialization. She believed she needed to protect her territory and developed some major resource guarding issues as a result. However, this girl was lucky enough to get a foster Mom dedicated to putting her on the right path and in just over 5 months she got where she needed to be! Ginnie has worked extensively on her behavioral issues and has been to a rehab vet and worked on exercises at home – and now that home is going to last her forever!

Today Ginnie is officially graduating from foster to adoptee and will officially be joining her family as a permanent addition. Congratulations, Ginnie. We’re so proud of you!

October 9, 2020: Welcome Ginnie to SECR!

And, the Corgis keep coming! Please help us give an warm welcome to our newest member of the SECR family, Ginnie!

We pulled Ginnie from a shelter after her former, elderly owner surrendered her due to being unable to handle her resource guarding issues. We’ve placed Ginnie with one of our experienced fosters who will be getting her up to date on medical care and working with her on training, behavior, and proper socialization. We’re hopeful that with some persistance and a lot of TLC Ginnie will settle in to her foster home quickly and learn that she doesn’t need to be so protective over her territory.

We’ll share more updates on Ginnie as we learn more about her!