4.5 years old ~ Female ~ Cardigan Mix ~Adopted

UPDATE MAY 29, 2021:

We have good news to report, corgi fans, and it’s not just that it’s finally the weekend! We’re also celebrating because our girl Mara has officially been adopted!

Mara joined us in 2019 after nipping a child, and came into foster needing help with training, basic commands, how to walk on a leash, and how to share her life with another pup. Luckily for her (and for us), we were able to place Mara in a wonderful foster family that was dedicated to showing her the ropes of corgi life. Mara’s foster brother, Bodhi, played a big part in her growth too as they both became the best of friends.

When Mara was finally ready for adoption earlier this year we had a big task in front of us to make sure we found the perfect-for-her forever family. While she appreciates some good snuggle time, Mara is a corgi mix with a LOT of energy, and needed a family – and a sibling – that could keep up with her athleticism. Well, we found her match and Mara has officially joined a new family where, according to her new Mom and Dad, she fits in just perfectly. She has a new brother, too, that happens to agree!

Congratulations, Mara and family! We wish you a long and happy forever together.

Mara Adoption Announcement


UPDATE APRIL 21, 2020:


It wouldn’t be #tongueouttuesday without an appearance from Mara! She’s checking in to let everyone know that she’s happy, healthy, and loving all the family time that comes with quarantine.

Mara’s foster Mom reports that this girl is having a lot of fun playing with toys and her foster brother, Bodhi, who has become her teacher as well as a sibling. The more time Mara spends with Bodhi the more she’s picking up on good Corgi behavior and social cues of how to interact well with other dogs. She’s even learning how to share, and lets Bodhi take toys straight from her mouth!

This is the kind of news we love to hear and share, and we’re excited we get to watch Mara continue to develop into the best Corgi she can be.


Mara 7

When you brush a Corgi, can you create another Corgi? Inquiring minds want to know.

JANUARY 28, 2020: Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Mara, our newest SECR family member! We pulled Mara from a shelter, where she was surrendered after biting a child. We haven’t had Mara long, but early reports from her foster Mom tell us that it’s likely no one worked with Mara before now. She needs help learning things like basic commands and how to walk on a leash, and we’re up to the task! We’re happy to have Mara with us so we can help her become the best Corgi she can be. Looks like she’s happy to be with SECR, too, because she’s already very affectionate with her new Mom. We’ll post more about Mara as we learn more about her.