5 years old, adopted by foster

Update September 23, 2021: Congratulations, Minnie!

Minnie is reporting in with some of her own exciting news: she’s been adopted!

This sweet girl came to SECR in July because her previous family didn’t have the space or time needed to give her the attention and training she needed. Her foster family worked with her on potty and leash training, as well as basic manners and socialization. She progressed quickly, and in the process learned there’s no place she rather be than with her foster family – corgi siblings included. They all agreed, and today we’re excited to announce they’ve officially gone from foster family to forever family!

Congratulations Minnie and family – we wish you a long and happy forever together!

July 13, 2021: Welcome Minnie to SECR!

There’s a new girl in the house! Please put your paws together for Minnie!

Minnie joins SECR as an owner surrender. Her previous owners didn’t have the space and time needed to devote to her training needs so they put her in our care knowing it was the best way to ensure she’d live the good corgi life she deserves.

Minnie is a sweet girl with a beautiful, floofy corgi tail who loves to cuddle, but is behind on potty and leash training and needs some work on basic manners. We’ll be working with her to ensure she learns her boundaries, doesn’t run for the front door whenever it opens, and understands the right and wrong times to bark.

We’re glad to have Minnie with us and look forward to sharing more updates on her progress soon!