Evie (formerly Navie)

2 years old, adopted by fosters

Update July 14, 2021: Congratulations Evie!

Coming soon to a stage near you: Evie, Freya, and the Lowriders featuring a special playlist – ADOPTED!

When Evie (formerly Navie) came to SECR in March, she was an anxious little girl who lacked confidence around and showed aggression toward other dogs. We originally thought she’d have to live in a single-dog home so she could rule her roost without worry. It turns out, though, that Navie quickly learned she kind of liked being Queen of her Castle (or at least one of them) with a few other loyal subjects to keep her company.

We placed her in a new home where she quickly learned the ropes – and the bonds of friendship – from her foster brother, Murphy, and her foster sister and SECR alum, Freya. Even the resident cats got their turn to boop snoots. Evie thrived in an environment we didn’t originally know she would and she and her siblings are now inseparable BFFs. It’s a good thing that Mom and Dad see and love the connection too – enough to make it last forever!

We’re excited to announce today that Evie has officially been adopted by her foster family. We couldn’t be happier about helping them make this unexpected connection!

We’ll see you on tour, Evie and Freya!

March 7, 2021: Welcome Navie to SECR!

Another day, another rescue! Please put your paws together for the new girl – Navie.

Navie comes to us as an owner surrender. She has anxiety around and aggression towards other dogs and while her Mom loves her very much she has a baby on the way and another dog, and needed to rehome Navie so she could thrive as an only girl. We’re happy we are able to step in and work with Navie to help her become the best Corgi she can be.Navie will be settling in as the only dog in her foster home tonight and we’ll post more as we learn more about her.

Welcome to the family, Navie! We’re glad you’re here!