9-year-old female, adopted by fosters

May 4, 2021: Congratulations, Rashi!

It’s May the 4th, and the force is clearly with Rashi… she’s officially joining the Jedi Masters today as she transitions from Foster to Adoptee!

We knew Rashi was a talkative, opiniated girl when she joined the SECR family, and she’s had a lot of conversations with her Mom and Dad and corgi brother, George, about the fact that their relationship should last forever. We’re so glad Rashi’s talks were successful ones and wish her and her family the happiest forever together!

Excited for you, we are. Congratulations Rashi!

January 12, 2021: Welcome Rashi to SECR!

Do we have room for more? You bet we do! Everyone say hello to Rashi!

Rashi comes to us as an owner surrender because her former parents have some health issues that are keeping them from giving her the care she needs. Giving her to rescue was a difficult decision for them, but we’re glad they gave us their trust to love their sweet girl.

We’ve only had Rashi a short time, but she’s an opiniated Corgi that likes to talk and is trying to get used to life with her new foster brother, George. We’ll share more about Rashi after we spend some more time with her!