6 years old, adopted by fosters

February 12, 2021: Congratulations, Sadie!

Sadie hasn’t been with SECR very long, but this girl works fast. She didn’t need much time to convince her Dads she was home to stay.Over the last two months, Sadie has caught up on routine healthcare, been spayed, and taken up a healthy diet. She has also perfected her Corgi sass so well that we all just consider every bit of side eye part of her unmistakeable charm.

We’re told that when Sadie’s Dad’s broke the news that she was officially adopted, she celebrated by sleeping in and taking a late breakfast, going for a run in the yard, and then claiming her spot on the sofa, from which she rightfully rules her household.Congratulations, Sadie! We wish you and your parents the happiest forever together.

December 13, 2020: Welcome Sadie to SECR!

The SECR family is growing again! Please join us in giving a warm welcome to the newest kid on the block, Sadie.

Sadie joins us as an owner surrender because her Mom is experiencing some health issues that are making it difficult for her to devote time to Sadie.These decisions are always hard, but we’re glad we could step in to give her the love and care she needs. Our first order of business will be to get Sadie up to date on routine health care and preventatives, and on a balance diet to help her gain a bit of weight. She also has a spay in her future.

We’ll share more about Sadie as we learn more about her, but for now we’re happy to report that she’s settling in comfortably into her new foster home. Welcome to the family, Sadie!