1.5 years old, Adopted

Update 3/23/2021

While we’re celebrating puppies for National Puppy Day today, we also need to give a big shout out to the Corgis that came into our rescue as puppies and grew to become brave and strong adults ready for their forever homes. We are thrilled to announce that Sia has officially been adopted and is enjoying life with her new family!

When Sia came to SECR as an owner surrender more than 10 months ago, she was a young pup that was scared. Of everything. She was fearful of people – especially men – and struggled to find her place with and play among other dogs. Toys were also new to her, as was simply enjoying life as a young pup should. She needed a lot of training, socialization, and human dedication to helping her transform into the Corgi we all knew she could be. Lucky for Sia, and for us, she was with an amazing foster family that knew how to be patient with her and give her the structure she needed to grow confidence. She bonded quickly with her foster Mom, and thanks to a lot of persistence from her foster Dad and human foster brothers, she learned that she could trust – and love – the men in her life too. Sia’s Corgi foster brother, SECR alum Ben, also did his part to help her become comfortable around other dogs.

Sia regressed a bit on her trial adoption as she tried to get a lay of the land with her new family, but they were all as patient with her as her fosters were and gave her the time, patience, and persistence needed to help her learn that she was just as loved. Fast forward a few weeks and Sia is officially the new princess of her household. She’s found her place among – and relished all the love and attention from – her humans, and enjoys having two new Scottie brothers to snuggle, run, and derp with.

Congratulations, Sia! You’ve come so far and deserve all the best that Corgi life has to offer. We wish you a long and happy forever with your new family and look forward to hearing about all your adventures to come.

Update 7/12/2020

We don’t always get to celebrate birthdays with our fosters, but when we do, you can better believe we’re going to make a big deal about it!

Sweet Sia celebrated her 1st birthday with us on Thursday, and as always had that big, bright smile on her face. She still has a lot of work to do to conquer her anxieties, but we’re so happy to see how much Sia has blossomed in the short time we’ve had her in rescue. She loves her foster Mom, is slowly but surely warming up to the men in her house, and never gives up on trying to make her foster Brother, Ben, her BFF.

Happy Birthday, Sia! We love you!

UPDATE 6/1/2020

We are happy to report that Sia spent the weekend starting to settle in nicely in her new foster home and recovering from her recent spay surgery. Slowly but surely she’s coming out of her shell and has already learned she feels safe attached to her new Mom.

Your smile is beautiful, Sia. Keep it coming!

Welcome Sia to SECR!

Today (5/31/2020) we welcome the newest Corgi to SECR! Please say hello to this sweet girl, Sia. Sia comes to us as an owner surrender due to an inability to address her severe anxiety issues. We’re happy to have Sia with us now and while it’ll be a long road in addressing all her fears and anxieties, we’re confident we’ll help her become the best Corgi she can be! She’s done well with her first vet visits and her spay surgery, and while still unsure of her surroundings has made it clear she has a very sophisticated palette. She’ll take some Havarti cheese over dog food any time! We’ll share more about Sia as we spend more time with her and learn more about her.