Teddy and Kennedy

7-year-old bonded pair, adopted by fosters

Update August 12, 2021: Congratulations Teddy and Kennedy!

When you’re part of a bonded pair, you quickly learn to share – and do – everything together. When one plays, so does the other. When one sleeps, so does the other. When one goes on an adventure, so does the other. And, when one gets adopted, so does the other! We are so excited to announce today that one of SECR’s dynamic duos – Teddy the corgi and Kennedy the corgi-by-association – have officially been adopted by their foster family!

This duo got a rough start in rescue, coming to us after the death of their previous owner, but they found their niche with their new family quickly and were never short on opportunities to get – and give – all the love they deserve. We’re so happy that Teddy and Kennedy strengthened their own bond in rescue and that we were able to witness them form another one with their new family. Congratulations, Teddy and Kennedy. We wish you and your people the happiest forever together!

January 31, 2021: Welcome Teddy and Kennedy to SECR!

Another weekend, another rescue, and this time it’s a two-for-one special! Please say hello to our newest family members, Teddy and Kennedy!

Teddy and Kennedy’s Mom recently passed away, and the family brought this pair to us vecause they knew we could provide them with the love and care they need during this difficult time. You’ll notice that one of these pups does not look like the other… Kennedy is not a corgi. She’s a small terrier mix that bonded to her corgi brother, Teddy, after her Mom rescued her from a bad situation, and splitting them up isn’t an option. That’s fine by us – we’ll just consider her a corgi-by-association!

Teddy and Kennedy are settling in to their new foster home nicely. They’re eating well, enjoying exploring their new yard, and getting lots of snuggles. They’ll be visiting our vet soon to get up to date on routine healthcare and preventatives and get some grooming and a nail trim.

Stay tuned fro more updates on this dynamic duo!