1 year old, Adopted by fosters

July 19, 2022: Congratulations, Archie!

Today we introduce, and celebrate, our boy Archie!

Archie joined the SECR family earlier this year as an owner surrender. Despite his original owners’ best intentions, the senior dog in their home didn’t take well to life with a new puppy. They brought Archie to us so he could hit the ground running with all the training, socialization, and general enrichment a puppy needs, and we were able to quickly place him in a foster-to-adopt home with a corgi-experience.

Archie is still a young boy and puppies are always a work in progress, but he’s caught up on all his routine medical care and neuter, doing well with basic leash and behavioral training, and thriving as a loved member of his new family. we’re happy to share that Archie is exactly where he needs to be now to live his best corgi life. He’s young, he’s healthy, and he’ll be zooming his way into his first birthday soon. We’re glad he’ll be celebrating his big day – and every day after – with his new corgi mix sister, Clover (and their Mom and Dad), by his side.

Congratulations, Archie and family! We’re so happy we could bring you all together and can’t wait to hear about all the adventures in store for you!