~7 months old, corgi mix, adopted by foster

August 11, 2022: Congratulations Baxter!

Today we introduce and celebrate Baxter!

This little corgi mix joined the SECR family this Spring at the estimated age of 13 weeks old. Baxter was found by a rescuer who, after unsuccessfully attempting to reunite him with his family, turned to us for help in getting him the love and care a puppy needs to thrive. We placed Baxter in a foster-to-adopt home and got him caught up on routine veterinary care and vaccines, a neuter, and surgery to repair a hernia. We also saw him thrive as a member of a family for the last four months, learning to love, play, and romp as all puppies should with the help of his new corgi siblings.

We’re so excited to announce today that Baxter is ready to graduate from SECR foster to adoptee and has officially been adopted by his fosters.

Congratulations, Baxter and family! We wish you a long and happy life together full of zoomies!