7 years old, adopted by fosters

Update February 12, 2022: Congratulations, Bella!

Sometimes it doesn’t take all that long to know you have a match made in corgdom.

Bella joined the SECR family as an owner surrender in November after aggression from and toward other dogs resulted in physical injury. Her foster family saw Bella through her recovery and, only once she was ready, slowly introduced her to her senior corgi foster brother. Together her parents and her brother got Bella to where she needed to be socially and restored her trust that she was safe, secure, and free to be the best corgi she could be. They bonded in the process, and we’re so excited to announce today that they’re sticking together forever. Bella has officially been adopted by her foster family!

Congratulations, Bella and family. We wish you the happiest forever together!

November 7, 2021: Welcome Bella!

There’s another newbie in the family! Please join us in welcoming Bella.

Bella is a 7-year-old girl that comes to us as an owner surrender because of aggression from and towards other, larger dogs in her home that caused injuries. She’s settling in with her new foster and will be slowly introduced to her senior corgi foster brother only after she’s had time to decompress and get familiar with her surroundings. We look forward to helping Bella with her training and socialization needs and will share more as she tells us more about herself.

Welcome to SECR, Bella!