3 years old, adopted by fosters

December 29, 2022: Congratulations, Bentley

Our boy Bentley has some good news to share! He’ll be kicking off the new year in style as he officially graduates from SECR foster to adoptee!

Bentley joined the SECR family back in October as a young boy in need of training and socialization. Having lived his whole life outside, he didn’t know the first thing about having an indoor home with regular human interaction or how to share his space with other animals. He was also long overdue for a vet visit and in need of routine care and vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention, and a neuter. For Bentley, everything was new and everything was exciting (and a little scary), and not knowing the appropriate way to take it all in, he struggled with hyperactivity and anxiety.

Fast forward just a couple of months, though, and the Bentley of today is a very different dog. He’s been neutered and is up to date on veterinary care and vaccines, has come to love the creature comforts of an indoor home with always cozy places to sleep and humans to dote on him, and enjoys being the king of his castle as the only dog in the home. And, lucky for him and us, the place Bentley currently calls home is his forever! He has officially been adopted by his fosters.

Congratulations, Bentley and family! We wish you many happy years together!

October 2, 2022: Welcome Bentley!

Please put your paws together for the newest addition to our rescue family, Bentley!

Bentley joins us as a young boy who has been an outdoor dog his whole life. He’s working on settling in to his foster home, and as soon as he does we look forward to getting him caught up on routine vet care and prevention as well as socialization and training. There is also a neuter in Bentley’s near future. Bentley has some work ahead of him to get used to the family life, but we’re glad to be able to take that journey with him. Welcome to SECR, Bentley! We love you already.