~5-year-old female, adopted by fosters

February 8, 2021: Congratulations, Bindi!

Bindi hasn’t had much time to check in lately, but that’s because she’s been busy doing corgi stuff. Lucky for her, it turns out that one of the things our corgis do best is get adopted!

Bindi joined the SECR family last April after a child in her previous family developed bad allergies that made it difficult for them to keep and care for a dog. She is a friendly girl who loves her people and her corgi siblings (she’s had SECR alum Roger on duty showing her the ropes). While she relied on her fosters to get her caught up to date on medical care what she loved the most was how much – and how quickly – she bonded with them. We’re excited to announce today that Bindi has been officially adopted by her foster family!

Congratulations, sweet girl. We wish you and your new family a long and happy forever together!

April 25, 2021: Welcome Bindi to SECR!

The SECR family is growing again! Please put your paws together and give us your best baroo for Bindi!

Bindi joins us as an owner surrender. Her previous family welcomed Bindi just a few months ago in December, but one of her human siblings has terrible allergies that have made it difficult for them to live together. We’re happy to step in and give Bindi a home where she can thrive. Bindi is a friendly girl that gets along with just about everyone, and in her foster home she’ll have the opportunity to bond with a new brother, SECR alum Roger.

She just arrived yesterday so Bindi will be taking the rest of the weekend to settle in to her new digs and getting her on a diet to which she responds well. This girl is picky and isn’t too sure about dogs treats! A visit to the vet is up next. We’ll be getting Bindi up to speed on any routine healthcare and getting her checked out for a possible UTI. There’s also a spay in this girl’s future.

Stay tuned for more updates about Bindi as we learn more about her!