4 years old, adopted

Update February 18, 2022: Congratulations, Chelsea!

Fridays are always awesome, but they’re even better when they come with something to celebrate. We’re excited that today is one of those days, as we happily announce Chelsea’s upgrade from foster to adoptee!

Chelsea joined the SECR family back in July when her previous owner began experiencing health issues that made it difficult to care for a dog. We gladly took her under our wing and her foster worked with her on training, socialization with other animals, and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan. Chelsea became a happier and healthier corgi, and sailed through her trial adoption to find her forever home. Congratulations Chelsea and family – we’re so happy for all of you!


This distinctively marked beauty is a shy, but active 4 year old who dreams of living her best corgi life — hanging with her people, cuddling on the couch, receiving treats, playing fetch, and chewing on her squeaky toy. She is looking for a calm but active home where she can be the center of attention and, in return, she will lavishly share her presence with her companions.


Chelsea lives for her people and loves to play fetch, so no surprise she knows how to entertain all with her adorable and hilarious antics while running, fetching, or chewing on her squeaker toys.  A favorite behavior with her foster dad, “ When you sit on the couch she will grab a toy, run over to the couch, put her front paws on the edge of the couch and drop her toy while waiting for you to lift her up so she can cuddle while chewing on her toy until she falls a sleep.”

Besides entertaining her people, Chelsea is loyal, willing to please, and will follow you everywhere.  

She was an owner surrender due to household and health changes which lead to the owner’s inability to give her the attention and care she deserves.  Chelsea was highly stressed when she came into rescue and had previously showed destructive behaviors due to that stress.  Since coming into rescue she has become extremely calm and a model companion under the calming influence of her foster home.  


Chelsea loves people and does well with older children especially if they are willing to play fetch and give her attention.  She is afraid of cats, but doesn’t mind the presence of the calm, older male dog in her foster home.  She has not been tested around female dogs.  


Chelsea is housebroken and walks well on leash.  She knows “sit”, “stay”, and “free”.  She is a fast learner and loves interaction with her people so would probably do well with and enjoy obedience and/or agility training as an additional outlet for her energy. 


  • Up-to-date on vaccinations and monthly prevention
  • Spayed
  • No known health  or dental issues
  • Healthy weight

Chelsea can’t wait to ring in 2022 with her new forever family on New Years Day.  Her adoption fee is $450.  To learn about SECR’s adoption process and download an adoption applications for Chelsea, go to —


July 24, 2021: Welcome Chelsea to SECR!

The sun may be shining, but it’s raining corgis! Introducing the newest member of the SECR pack, Chelsea!

Chelsea was surrendered to us because her previous owner is facing some of her own health issues and is unable to devote the time and energy needed to care for a dog. We’re happy we could step in to help, and look forward to putting Chelsea on the path to her best corgi life. She’s a high-energy pup that needs some training so we’ll be working with her on that as well as helping her overcome some skittishness around other animals. Chelsea is also slightly overweight so we’ll be monitoring her diet to make sure she’s as fit and trim as can be.

Stay tuned for more updates from Chelsea. We’re glad to have you, sweet girl.