~3 years old, adopted by fosters

July 13, 2022: Congratulations, Dhillon!

Our boy Dhillon has been through a lot in his short three years, and we’re excited to share that he has something new to celebrate today – he’s been adopted!

Dhillon joined the SECR family in December of last year after his Dad passed away and he was having difficulty settling in with relatives and their other dogs. We took him in to slowly work with him on socialization and training, and we also got him caught up on much-needed healthcare. Dhillon was heartworm positive so his foster family saw him through that treatment and recovery and then his subsequent neuter. Dhillon bonded with his foster family quickly and once he got where he needed to be health-wise they decided together that he’s exactly where he needs to be forever. Dhillon has officially been adopted by his foster family and we’re so happy we could bring them together.

Congratulations, Dhillon! We hope you and your family are celebrating big today with one of your favorite treats – hot dogs!

December 28, 2021: Welcome Dhillon!

There are a few days left in the year and we’re making the most of them to help corgis in need. Say hello to one of our newest addition to the SECR family, Dhillon!

Dhillon joins us following his Dad’s passing earlier this month. He was having difficulty getting along with and showing aggression towards relatives’ other dogs, so the family made the difficult decision to surrender him to rescue. Dhillon is settling in to his foster home, where we’ll be working on the training and socialization he needs to thrive. There is also a neuter in his future.

Welcome to the family, Dhillon! We’re happy to have you with us.