5 years old, adopted by fosters

Update February 5, 2021: Congratulations, Finley!

If there ever was a story for what rescue is all about, Finley’s is it. When he joined the SECR family back in July he, like most of our incoming dogs, needed to be brought up to date on routine medical care and be neutered. But, he also needed a lot more. At 5 years old, Finley was coming from a situation where his previous owner didn’t have the time or ability to give a dog the love, care, and attention he needs to thrive. He was untrained, under-socialized, and severely lacking confidence to do what dogs do – take a walk, go potty in the yard, eat a full meal, and play with toys.

Finley needed a lot of work and a lot of patience, and thankfully we had a foster family that was willing and able to give him what he needed. More importantly, they were willing to work with Finley at his pace and the effort paid off. The Finley you see today is a different dog than the one we introduced in July. He’s confident. He’s secure. He goes on walks, for rides in the car, and for romps on the beach. He knows he’s loved, and he loves giving it right back. Finley (now more affectionately known as Finn Finn) has his fosters to thank for the life he has now and we’re thrilled to announce today that they’ll officially be sharing that life forever!

Congratulations, Finn Finn and family, on making the adoption official. We wish you a long and happy forever together!

July 23, 2021: Welcome Finley to SECR!

Who’s heading into the weekend with a new addition to the family? We are! Please give a warm welcome to Finley; we’re so happy to have this little guy with us.

Finley was surrendered to us because his previous owner was unable to devote the time, care, and attention a dog needs to thrive. He’s slowly settling in to his new foster home, but it’s been a rough road. Finley is unsure of himself and how to trust people, so it has taken him a few days to relax enough to do even basic “dog things” like eat a full meal, drink water, relieve himself in the yard, or go for a walk.

More than anything else Finley needs time to decompress, so we’re doing everything we can to let him know he’s in a place where he’s safe and loved. We’re also bringing him up to date on routine veterinary care, vaccines, and preventatives, and there will be a neuter in his future.We’ll share more about Finley as we learn more about him. We’re certainly glad we have that opportunity!