8 years old, adopted by foster

October 9, 2022: Congratulations, Iroh!

We’re closing out the weekend with some good news from Iroh – he’s found his forever!

Iroh joined SECR over the summer, in need of an only dog home where he could be the king of his castle. We placed him in a foster home that could provide that as well as see him through routine health care and a dental and work on his training and socialization. Iroh and his new family bonded quickly and we’re excited to announce today that he’s home to stay! Iroh has officially been adopted by his fosters.

Congratulations, Iroh and family! We wish you many frappy years together.

July 26, 2022: Welcome Iroh!

Please put your paws together for our newest addition to the SECR family, Iroh (pronounced Eye-Row)!

Iroh joins us as an owner surrender. He is very reactive around other dogs and has anxiety around young children, growling or snapping if they approach him too closely, so he’ll be the only dog in his child-free foster home. We’ll be slowly working with Iroh on socialization and training, and he’ll visit our vet soon to get caught up to date on vaccines, a dental, and his senior bloodwork.

Welcome to the family, Iroh! We’re glad we could step in to provide the help you need and look forward to giving you a new environment in which you can feel more confident and relaxed and thrive!