8 years old, adopted by fosters

April 15, 2022: Congratulations, Jia!

It’s always fun to start the weekend on the right paw, and today we’re doing that with good news from Jia!

Jia joined us over a year ago in December 2020, rescued by a good Samaritan who was trying to get her out of a bad home situation and on to a better life. She had fear of and aggression toward other dogs, and was in need of a patient foster with no other dogs in the home that could help her build her confidence. Lucky for us and her, we found the perfect foster family that gave Jia the love and attention she needed, got her on a healthy diet and exercise plan, and diligently worked with her and a trainer to address her behavioral issues. She’ll likely always have fear around other dogs, but her family knows how to respond to it now to ensure that it doesn’t stop her from having the happy, active corgi life she deserves. And, the good thing is that she’ll be living the good life right where she is now because Jia has been officially adopted by her foster family!

Congratulations, Jia! You deserve the best, and we’re so happy we were able to bring you the family that could provide just that!

December 28, 2020: Welcome Jia to SECR!

All of us are looking forward to a better 2021, and for this little girl, it certainly will be. Please put your paws together to welcome our newest addition to the SECR family, Jia!

Jia’s previous owner rescued her from what was likely a bad situation, but made the tough decision to surrender her to SECR due to her fear of and aggression toward other dogs. She needs to be in an only-dog household, and SECR can provide that.

We will be working with Jia to help build up her confidence and provide the training and socialization she needs to be the best Corgi she can be. And, it goes without saying that she’ll receive all the love and affection she desires from her humans along the way, too. We’re told she’s quite the cuddle bug!