4-6 years old, female, corgi/husky mix, adopted

Update August 3, 2022: Congratulations, Lena!

Another day, another SECR celebration, and today we have a two-for-one deal! Please join us in cheering for Lena, who is now officially heartworm-free AND adopted!

Lena joined the SECR family back in November as a shelter pull, where she wound up as a stray and tested positive for a low burden of heartworms. It’s always rescue policy to make sure all of our pups are physically, mentally, and socially healthy before they are placed for adoption. So, in addition to focusing on her general training needs treating Lena’s heartworm – and seeing her through the low activity recovery process – was one of our top priorities. She spent several months in foster care and was then placed in a foster-to-adopt home until she got the all clear from our vets, and we’re so excited to share that Lena got the news we were all waiting for! She’s happy and healthy and her eyes are sparkling bright because she has a forever home.

If you’d like to help Lena celebrate, pay it forward to your pets by talking to your vets about heartworm testing and monthly prevention. Heartworm disease can cause critical and lasting damage to dogs’ hearts, lungs, and other vital organs and in the most severe cases can result in premature death. However, it’s a completely preventable disease with monthly year-round prevention.

Congratulations, Lena and family! We’re so glad you’ve gotten through the hard stuff and can now focus on a long and happy forever together!

Princess Lena is an sweet, blue-eyed, fluffy-tailed beauty of corgi/husky origins. She came into rescue as an unclaimed stray and is now looking for her forever castle. Nothing too elaborate, just someplace with plenty of toys, food, soft comfy beds to rest in, and laid back, loyal subjects (adult humans only please) to wait on her like the Princess she is (and deserves to be)! In return, she will shower you with attention, hugs, kisses, and cute little howls of excitement.


There is no better way to start your day, then to be enthusiastically greeted in the morning by Lena’s tail-wagging big stretch and happy howl.

To say Lena is an affectionate, easy-going, low-to-medium energy level, cuddle bug who loves her humans and loves to eat, play and get belly rubs would only be half the story. She is also a smart, persistent corgi. If she wants something she will find a way to get it. No human food can be left safely unattended — even on the stove. If there is something interesting outside the fenced yard, she will search for any means possible to get to it. If it is meal time and you are slow to provide it, she will smother you with love until you get the message.


Due to elbow dysplasia (untreatable with surgery due to scar tissue), Lena needs to avoid long walks, stairs, and agility training, but she would thrive with the mental stimulation and interactions of challenging games and obedience training. And since Lena loves treats and loves the attention of her people, training won’t be a problem.  She knows “Sit”, “Come”, “Crate”, and the all important — “Dinner”. She walks well on a loose leash and is crate trained.


Lena adores people and has never met a stranger. But, her warm affection does not extend to other dogs, cats, or young children. She can become aggressive if they invade her space, especially when food is involved.


  • Age:  4-6 yrs.
  • Up-to-date on vaccinations and monthly prevention
  • Spayed
  • Recent dental check and cleaning
  • Weight: 40 lbs, could lose 5+ lbs
  • Meds: She is on anti inflammatory meds for elbow dysplasia

Lena is waiting to find a forever home where she can adore and be adored with cuddles, hugs, and kisses.  Her adoption fee is $250.  To learn about SECR’s adoption process and download an adoption applications for Lena, please go to — https://southeastcorgirescue.com/help-us-help-them/adopt/


November 7, 2021: Welcome Lena!

Wait, there’s ANOTHER one?! There sure is! Say hello to newbie #3 of the weekend, Lena.

Lena is a corgi / husky mix estimated to be about a year old, and we pulled her from the shelter where she wound up as a stray. She’s a beautiful girl with striking eyes and first on her SECR to-do list is heartworm treatment. Testing at the shelter revealed that she is positive for a low burden of heartworms, so we are hoping she’ll respond well to treatment with less risk of complications. Lena also came to us with a slight limp, so we’ll be checking that out too and making sure she gets all the care she needs.

Stay tuned for more updates on Lena as we have them!