1.5 years old, adopted

May 12, 2022: Congratulations, Macy!

The corgis and corgi mixes that come into our care arrive from all walks of life and need our help in different ways to get started on the path to a better forever. Every milestone looks a little bit different for each rescue and it may take some of longer than others to get from one to the other. The good thing is, though, that we celebrate every single achievement – big or small – knowing that each one gets our pups a little bit closer to realizing the good life they were meant to have. Today we’re celebrating our girl Macy, who officially graduates from foster to adoptee.

Macy joined the SECR family in November when she was just barely through puppyhood. She was surrendered to us because her owner didn’t have the time or ability to care for the needs of a young corgi, but only after spending a good deal of the days and nights of her short life outside. She arrived at her foster home needing the basics in healthcare, and we got her caught up to speed quickly on routine checkups, vaccinations and preventatives, and a spay. But, more than that, Macy lacked the interaction she needed with people and other animals to confidently find her place in a family. She was developmentally behind and needed training, socialization, and help managing significant anxiety issues. Her needs required a lot of patience, persistence, and understanding, and luckily she got that not only from her foster parents, but also two corgi foster siblings that were key in helping Macy finally learn how to be a dog.

Macy gradually transformed from an anxious pup desperate for attention and barely able to sleep at night to a confident, playful corgi who loved her humans, respected her foster siblings, and despite having insecurities, knew she’d always have someone in her corner to help her battle the scary stuff. Lucky for Macy, and for us, we found the perfect-for-her forever family that is equal parts dedicated to expanding on her new-found confidence and seeing her through any anxiety that may continue to crop up from time to time. Macy’s journey exemplifies what it means to rescue, and we’re so glad that we could take it with her.

Congratulations, Macy and family! We wish you a long and happy forever together and can’t wait to hear about all your adventures to come.

November 7, 2021: Welcome Macy!

When it rains corgis, it pours, and we have yet another newbie to introduce! Say hello to Macy.

Macy is a one-year-old girl that comes to us as an owner surrender. Her previous family did the best they could but wasn’t ready for the high energy level and training needs of a young corgi and knew that giving her to rescue was in her best interest. She is sweet and affectionate but needs help directing all of her energy in a positive direction. Macy’s foster parents (and her corgi foster siblings) will be working with her on training and socialization, making sure she knows how to appropriately interact with people and other animals. Macy also has some issues with resource guarding and needs basic behavioral, potty, and leash training. She’s had gastrointestinal issues in the past, so when she visits our vet this week we’ll make sure she gets what she needs to keep those in check as well as get her caught up on her routine care and vaccines. There’s also a spay in Macy’s future.  

We’ll share more updates on Macy as we have them. She is not yet ready for adoption.