5 years old, adopted

Update 1/22/2021: Congratulations, Maggie!

We’re 22 days in to 2022 and we’re celebrating our first adoption announcement of the year! Maggie has found her forever home!

Miss Maggie came to SECR back in August needing to be the only pup in a childfree home. Her foster family was able to provide the environment she needed to thrive and worked with her consistently on training and socialization. Maggie’s confidence grew when she became the queen of her castle, and she’s now happily the best corgi she can be.

Maggie just completed her trial adoption and is happy to share that she and her new parents are now making it official. Congratulations on finding your new castle, Maggie! We wish you and your family a long and happy forever together!

Maggie Adoption Announcement - 2022



Maggie is looking for a forever family of semi-active adult(s) in a calm household who can appreciate a smart, talkative corgi and are willing to let her sweet, adorable personality continue to shine through.  In other words, she wants some laid-back peeps who know the importance of communication as well as naps, carrots, walks, cuddles and just hanging out together. 

Maggie is Miss Personality and she lets you know in big and small ways.  She howls when she hears a siren. She whines when she wants carrots.  She gently nudges you with her nose to get pets and cuddles.  She snores when she sleeps and does zoomies when she is particularly pleased with life.  And, Maggie adorably and impatiently “ahwooos” if you take too long for walks, petting, or getting out of bed in the morning. 

She is not a high energy girl, more a medium to low.  Naps are an important part of her day.  But car rides, play, and walks are too.   Several slow walks will do.   It is not about the distance traveled, it’s the smells revealed and the rabbits found that matter.  

Though she isn’t much of a barker indoors, Maggie will bark aggressively if she meets other dogs on her walks.  She can be quickly distracted and will walk away if they are still at a distance.  When Maggie came into rescue she was hyper-vigilant and easily startled. She was an owner surrender due to aggressive behavior towards a preschooler and dogs, but in the calm environment of her foster home she is relaxed and adorably sweet.  

Maggie is happy living in an adult, human only world.  She loves every adult she meets and has zero resource guarding issues with them.  Her limited exposure to cats is to either ignore or chase any who dared to invade her yard.  Because of her history of reactiveness and aggression, she needs to be the only dog in an all adult household.

Maggie knows sit, down, stay, and wait (for food).  She walks well on a leash (when other dogs are not around).  Does well in the car, but will usually go to sleep.  She isn’t crate trained, but then she doesn’t need to be. This well mannered girl is house-trained and has no separation anxiety or sensitivity to thunderstorms.  If you are away she’ll just use the time to catch up on her nap — preferably on the couch, thank you!

Continued training to lessen her reactiveness/aggression towards other dogs would make for more relaxing walks for both Maggie and her new forever family. 

• Up-to-date on vaccinations and monthly prevention
• Spayed
• No known dental issues
• A little overweight
• Arthritis in one shoulder — taking Dasuquin and use of pet stairs for the couch have helped considerably
• Skin irritation and dandruff — with use of Welactin currently under control

Maggie can’t wait to celebrate her 6th birthday (and ring in 2022) with her new forever family on New Years Day.  Her adoption fee is $375.  To learn about SECR’s adoption process and download an adoption applications for Maggie, go to —

August 19, 2021: Welcome Maggie to SECR!

Another newbie? Of COURSE there’s another newbie! Please help us roll out the red carpet for Maggie!

Maggie is NOT one of the gems from Operation Corgi Drop 2.0, but she deserves all our love and attention just the same. She comes to us as an owner surrender after snapping at a young child. Maggie is also aggressive towards other dogs, so our first order of business is to determine Maggie’s training needs and ensure she gets the socialization she needs.

Maggie has only been with us for a day, but she’s already settling in to her foster home nicely and tells us that a tennis ball is her favorite toy. Play on, Maggie! We’re happy to have you and excited to put you on the path to a happy corgi forever.