5 years old, adopted by foster

November 19, 2022: Congratulations, Maren!

While we’re celebrating adoptions, let’s toast to Maren!

This sweet girl joined the SECR family in May as one of two sables surrendered by a breeder for failure to produce puppies. She was underweight, had bad teeth, and needed veterinary care and a healthy diet. She was also shy due to being undersocialized, and need help from her fosters (both human and canine foster) to come out of her shell. Six months later we’re happy to report that Maren is healthy, confident, and ready to officially start her forever. Lucky for her, she doesn’t need to go far as she’s officially been adopted by her foster family!

Congratulations, Maren and family! We couldn’t be happier for you.

May 29, 2022: Welcome Maren!

If you’re scrolling through our page this long weekend and feel like you’re seeing double, you may be… kind of.

Say hello to Maren. She’s one of two 5-year-old sable sisters to join the SECR family, coming to us as a breeder surrender for failing to produce puppies. Maren and her sister just received their initial vaccines and, having tested negative for heartworm, are now on monthly prevention for that as well as fleas and ticks. They are both underweight and have bad teeth for their age. Each of the girl’s fosters will be focusing on getting them on a healthy diet and a dental and spay is in both their futures. We also look forward to seeing Maren and her sister come out of their shells as they begin to settle in to their new and better lives. They are both sweet and friendly but timid, so some proper socialization will be in order too.

Welcome to the SECR family, Maren!

Note: There is nothing wrong with Maren’s right eye. There’s just a bit of camera glare in her second phhoto!

**Maren is new to rescue and is not available for adoption at this time.