8 years old, adopted by fosters

July 16, 2022: Congratulations, Oakley!

If you’re looking for something to celebrate this weekend, Oakley recommends putting your paws together for his adoption!

This sweet boy joined the SECR family back in December as an owner surrender because he nipped a small child and, despite extensive work with a trainer, had too much anxiety around kids. His family knew he needed to be in a childfree home, and we were glad to step in and help. His foster family offered him the calm environment he needed to thrive, saw him through his rehabilitation for a muscle injury, and bonded with him quickly in the process.

We’re excited to announce today that Oakley has officially been adopted by his fosters and wish them many happy, frappy years together!

December 29, 2021: Welcome Oakley!

Please help us give a warm welcome to our newest SECR newbie, Oakley!

Oakley joins us as an owner surrender due to aggressive behavior towards a young child. His parents did everything they could to help Oakley, including working with a trainer. However, many corgis with strong herding instincts have difficulty adjusting to living with small children and the stress of the situation was too much for Oakley to handle. His parents made the difficult decision to surrender him to rescue so that he could live happily in a child-free home, and we are glad to be able to take him into our care.

Oakley has some anxiety around other dogs as well stemming from an attack a couple of years ago, so he will also be living in an only-dog foster home while we work with him on his training and socialization needs. First on Oakley’s to-do list, though, is surgery to repair a torn ligament in one of his hind legs – a recent playtime injury. He’ll need some recovery time after the procedure, but should be back to the regularly scheduled walks and games of fetch that we’re told he loves!

Welcome to the family, Oakley!