2-year-old corgi mix, adopted by foster

March 24, 2022: Congratulations, Ori!

And now for your daily dose of cuteness and good news, a word (or two) from Ori…

“I’m adopted!”

When this boy joined the SECR family back in August, he needed training and socialization to help him overcome his anxiety around other dogs and all-around separation anxiety. His foster Mom rose to the challenge, working diligently with training to give Ori structure and teach him basic commands. Ori and his Mom have also worked on separation, accepting his crate as a “safe place” where he can relax rather than stress, and learning how to react appropriately to scar things like other dogs and big, noisy trucks. Ori has taken all of his challenges in stride, quickly proving how eager he is to learn and please, and managed to wrap his Mom around his little paws in the process. Even better, he’s made another new best friend in his human grandpa.

Ori tends to smile a derpy corgi mix smile and today he’s smiling big because he’s received the news that he’s home to stay. He’s officially been adopted by his foster Mom, and we couldn’t be happier for them both!

Congratulations, Ori and family. We’re glad we brought you together and wish you a long and happy forever together filled with as many zoomies as you can handle!

August 17, 2021: Welcome Oran to SECR!

The day’s not over yet, corgi fans, and you better believe we have more corgis to introduce! Please put your paws together for Oran!

Oran (aka Ori) is a young corgi mix (possibly corgi/spaniel) that comes to us as an owner surrender. He was recently adopted from a local shelter but showed some anxiety around the other resident dog. We happily took him in and will be placing him in an only-dog foster home so that we can determine his training and socialization needs.

Welcome to the growing SECR family, Ori!