2 years old, adopted by fosters

Update 1/22/2022: Congratulations, Peri!

Our girl Peri joined the SECR family in August, making a name for herself as the youngest gemstone from Operation Corgi Drop 2.0. She settled in quickly to her foster home and found a new best friend and cuddle buddy in her brother, Toby. It’s hard to give up a good life like this one when you’ve found it, and lucky for Peri, she never has to! She’s been officially adopted by her foster family and we wish them all a long and happy forever together.

Congratulations, Peri!

August 24, 2021: Welcome Peri to SECR!

Introducing the final gem from Operation Corgi Drop 2.0, Peri!

Short for Peridot, Peri is the youngest of this group of mill rescues at 2 years old. She has her first vet appointment as an SECR newbie later this week, and we are keeping our paws crossed that she gets a good health report. In the meantime, she’s settling in well as a foster. Peri had a bath today and really wasn’t sure it was necessary, but she sure looks cute in her little tub!

Welcome to the SECR family, precious Peri!