6 years old, adopted by foster

August 4, 2022: Congratulations, Phineas!

If you need another reason to celebrate this week, you can count on SECR to give you one! Please put your paws together for Phineas, who graduated from foster to adoptee!

Phineas joined the SECR family as an owner surrender in March because he was having difficulty with other dogs in the home and ever since he’s been thriving as the king of his castle in an only-dog foster home. He’s lived quite the adventurous life, helping his foster Mom work from home, joining her on runs (turns out he clocks a pretty fast mile) and family trips to the lake, and soaking in every minute of play and cuddle time he can get. He’s also gotten caught up on medical care – including a dental – so it’s with a big, sparkling smile that Phineas shares the news that he and his Mom will be having adventures together for a lifetime.

Phineas has officially been adopted by his foster, and we couldn’t be happier that we brought them together. Congratulations!

March 7, 2022: Welcome Phineas!

We always like to start the week off on a high note, and today we’re doing just that by introducing our newest addition to the SECR family. Please help us give a warm welcome to Phineas!

Phineas joins SECR as an owner surrender because he was having trouble adjusting to life with other dogs, so we’ll be working with him on training, socialization, and building confidence.

Phineas just arrived at his new foster home yesterday, so we’ll be giving him some time to get settled in and tell us more about himself. Welcome to the family, buddy. We’re happy to have you with us!