7-year-old Cardigan, adopted by fosters

October 27, 2022: Congratulations, Quincy

Please join us in celebrating one of our favorite resident cardigans, Quincy, as he officially graduates from SECR foster to adoptee.

The Quincy who came into rescue early this Spring is not the Quincy you see today. He arrived as an owner surrender in need of health care (routine vaccines, a neuter and dental, and treatment for arthritis), a healthy diet, grooming, and a lot of help with socialization and confidence-building. Quincy struggled with severe separation anxiety and reactivity and had issues with resource guarding. He also needed potty training and a good reason to trust his new humans. He certainly had an uphill battle, but lucky for him – and all of us at SECR – he also had a foster family that was up to the challenge and invested all the time, energy, and extreme patience it takes to work with a special needs dog. With their diligence and additional work with a professional trainer, Quincy’s confidence gradually grew and he began living the good life he was always meant to have. He’ll probably always have a little work to do to keep his anxieties in check, but the Quincy of today is a happy and healthy boy who loves his family, has bonded with his canine and feline siblings, and has slowly begun to expand his social circle. He’s undergone the kind of extreme turnaround all of us in rescue can be proud of, and we’re happy to share today that the family that got Quincy on track will be his forever. He has officially been adopted by his fosters!

Congratulations, Quincy and family! You are a reminder of what it means to rescue and we’re so happy we could bring you together.

April 9, 2022: Welcome Quincy!

Weekends are for rescue, and today we’re excited to introduce our newest newbie, Quincy!

Quincy comes to us as an owner surrender. His Mom has a physical disability that has been making it hard for her to give Quincy the care and attention he needs, so she brought him to us knowing the SECR family would do everything we could to help him thrive.

Quincy has already visited our vet to get a much-needed manicure, vaccines, and preventatives. He’ll be going back soon for a neuter and dental and we’re monitoring him for pain related to possible arthritis, but right now our primary focus is to help Quincy decompress and get settled in to his new foster home. He’s gone without the level of care and attention he needs for quite a while, so everything is very new and very scary for him.

We look forward to getting Quincy on track for the good life he deserves and will share more updates soon!