Rigby ~ 1.5 years old ~ Adopted

Update August 29, 2022: Congratulations, Rigby!

Today we celebrate Rigby!

This cutie joined the SECR family back in April as a shelter pull and has been living the good corgi life ever since. When he arrived he needed to get caught up on routine medical care and training and, as a previous stray, wasn’t quite sure how to appropriately socialize with and share with other dogs. He was eager to please and learn, though, and caught on quickly that life as a family dog is the best life.

When we posted Rigby for adoption in July we were flooded with good applications from so many corgi fans that couldn’t resist Rigby’s sweet face, and today we’re happy to announce that he’s found his forever home.

Congratulations, Rigby and family! We wish you a long and happy life together filled with zoomies and sploots.

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Rigby is an adorable young and social corgi that is looking for his forever family. He came into rescue a bit down on his luck as a stray. He was in need of love and care, proper training and socialization, and a safe place to romp and play. Now about 1.5 years old, Rigby is a friendly boy that has learned how to “be a dog” quickly, responding well to training and always showing he’s eager to socialize with people and other animals.

Personality & behaviors:

Rigby is a happy boy that is very affectionate with his humans and loves to cuddle. He’s also eager to please and will wiggle his little butt with joy when his people give him attention and tell him he’s being a good boy. Rigby has a lot of energy and thrives when he can get lots of exercise, playtime, and engagement. Nothing makes Rigby happier than being with his humans, and when he’s not taking a walk or playing his favorite place is likely to be on your lap or next to you on the couch.


Rigby knows some basic commands, like “sit” and “lay down,” but as a young corgi he’s still a work in progress and will need to be with a family who can devote time to continued work with him on training and socialization. He is potty trained, but as is common with many male dogs, does still have a tendency to occasionally mark his territory. He also has corgi herding instincts and has been known to show some resource guarding behaviors with his people and his toys. These issues are ones that can be resolved with continued training (e.g., removing access to toys when he has difficulty sharing), but will require patience and consistency.


Rigby is neutered, up to date on vaccines and heartworm testing, and is taking monthly preventatives for heartworm, fleas, and ticks.


Rigby has been in foster care with another corgi and would do well in a home with another dog his size or smaller, but may need to be slowly introduced to a new sibling until he gets used to sharing his space and his toys. He has anxiety around larger dogs and his skepticism can cause him to get territorial. Due to Rigby’s herding instincts he also cannot be in a home with very young children.

Forever Home:

Rigby would do well with an active couple that can make him a key part of their day-to-day life and give him the exercise, enrichment, and socialization he needs to thrive. Given his age he also needs an understanding family that’s not expecting the “perfect” dog (although, he’s pretty close) and can devote time to his additional training needs.

He would do well in a home with another dog his size or smaller or with no other pets. Any children in the home should be 10 and up.

Adoption Fee: $495

Learn about Southeast Corgi Rescue’s adoption process, FAQ, and download an adoption application at https://southeastcorgirescue.com/help-us-help-them/adopt/