6 years old, adopted by fosters

May 23, 2022: Congratulations, Ruby!

It’s never too late to celebrate an adoption, and today we celebrate Ruby, who officially joined her foster family forever this year.

Ruby came to SECR last August as one of seven precious gemstones rescued as part of Operation Corgi Drop 2.0. As a mill Mom, she needed our help with a lot of the basics – nutrition and a healthy diet, a good exercise plan, and long overdue medical care (including a spay and surgery for cherry eye). But, even more important than that, she needed to know what it was like to be loved as a key member of a family. Ruby quickly made her way into the hearts of her foster parents and formed an inseparable bond with her foster-turned-forever brother, Duncan. Their friendship started with a romp in the yard when she first joined the family, and in no time these two were snuggling and sharing not-so-secret smootches. It’s like they’d been friends forever, and now they certainly will be.

Congratulations, Ruby and family. We wish you a long and happy forever together!

August 19, 2021: Welcome Ruby to SECR!

It’s time to introduce another gem from Operation Corgi Drop 2.0. Say hello to Ruby!

Ruby is another 6 year old in this group, and like her fellow gemstones will need to be put on a healthy diet and be introduced to a leash, potty training, and all the basics of a good corgi life. She’ll be visiting the vet tomorrow to get her right eye checked out because it looks like there may be a nasty infection brewing, and a spay is in her future.

We’re happy to have Ruby with us, and so glad to see she is already making friends and posing for photo ops with her corgi foster brother, Duncan. He’ll be helping us show this girl the ropes! Welcome to SECR, precious Ruby!