9 years old, adopted by foster

November 22, 2022: Congratulations, Sami!

Please join us in celebrating Sami, a long-time SECR foster who has just a little more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving – he’s been adopted!

Sami came into rescue in the Spring of 2021 after his elderly owner began experiencing health issues that prevented him for caring for a dog. Sami came to us with critical health issues of his own – 70 pounds he weighed in at about twice the weight of a healthy male corgi, needed follow-up care for a previous eye infection, a dental, and other routine veterinary care. Lucky for Sami – and for SECR – we were able to place him in a home with loving and dedicated fosters who were willing to do whatever it took to get Sami on track to the healthy life he deserved.

The Sami you see today is a healthier, happier, and more fit dog than the Sami that came to us last year. Currently weighing in at 45 pounds, Sami still has a bit of work to do. But, he has more energy than he ever has before, and enjoys life more than he ever could before. He also has a family that has seen him through the tough stuff and will stick by his side as he continues to improve. We are happy to officially announce that Sami has been adopted by his fosters.

Congratulations, Sami and family! We’re so proud of all the work you’ve done together and are excited to hear about all the good things ahead of you.

March 22, 2021: Welcome Sami to SECR!

There’s a new Corgi in the SECR house, and his name is Sami!

Please put your paws together for this sweet boy, who comes to us as an owner surrender. Sami had a very elderly owner who was no longer able to care for him due to personal health issues, and we are thankful to be able to step in and give him the love and care he needs.

Sami is settling in to his new foster home nicely, and our first order of business is to get him on a strict healthy diet and fitness plan to help him get down to a healthy Corgi weight. Sami currently weighs in at 70 pounds, which is about twice as much as a healthy male Corgi should weigh. Obesity is a serious concern for all dogs, but poses what can be very detrimental risks for low-riders due to the impact weight can have on these dogs’ backs, joints, and heart and respiratory system. Getting Sami down to a healthy weight is critical to his overall quality of life and we are focused on doing everything we can to make it happen for him.

We’ll also be getting Sami caught up on routine senior healthcare, get his eyes re-checked following a previous infection, and have his teeth examined. A cleaning may be in Sami’s future, but that won’t be on the books until he’s down to a healthier weight and can handle the procedure.

We’re happy to have Sami as part of the SECR family, and are glad his fosters are dedicated to making him the healthiest Corgi he can be. Welcome, sweet boy!