12-year-old corgi mix, adopted by fosters

Update January 26, 2022: Congratulations, Suki!

Our girl Suki was one of two chorgis (chihuahua/corgi mixes) that joined the SECR family in 2021, and she had a bit of a rough start. Her previous owner surrendered her to us to focus on caring for an elderly parent with severe allergies, so this senior was battling a little instability in her family life as well as heartworm. Lucky for us – and for her – we were able to place her with a devoted foster family that saw her through her heartworm treatment, brought her up to date on other routine medical care, and worked with her on training issues such as potty training and resource guarding. Suki had a lot on her plate, but she took it all in stride and bonded quickly to her new family while settling in to her new normal.

We’re happy to announce today that Suki is our third official adoption of 2022 and will be staying right where she’s meant to be with her foster-turned-forever family. Congratulations, Suki!

May 8, 2021: Welcome Suki to SECR!

At SECR weekends are for rescue, and we couldn’t let another one go by without adding to the family. Please put your paws together for Suki!

Suki is a 12-year-old corgi mix (possibly with chihuahua) that joins our SECR Golden Girls following an owner surrender. Her previous owner recently became a primary caretaker for an elderly parent with severe allergies so she’s coming to us to get the love and care she needs. She is heartworm positive and will begin treatment for that under our care, as well as get a likely dental sooner rather than later. Suki lived with another dog so she can definitely live with them, but she does enjoy the “Alpha Life” and being front and center in her human’s life.

We’ll share more about Suki as we learn more about her.

Welcome to the family, sweet girl!