7 years old, adopted by fosters

November 19, 2022: Congratulations, Tari!

Put your paws together for our boy Tari, who officially graduates from SECR foster to adoptee today!

Tari joined the family back in May after his previous owner developed health issues that made it too difficult to care for a dog. Tari himself had various health issues that needed to be addressed as well. He was very overweight and battling the accompanying joint, mobility, and respiratory issues that come as a result. Tari also had difficulty living in a home with other dogs, so when he came to SECR we placed him in a home where he could be the king of his castle. Without having the worry of other dogs in his space, Tari and his fosters worked together to make progress quickly, and today he is a much more confident, happy, and healthy corgi. He has also formed an unbreakable bond with his fosters, who have officially become his forever family.

Congratulations, Tari and family! We’re so glad we could bring you together and look forward to hearing about all your “ball time” adventures to come!

May 16, 2022: Welcome Tari!

Rounding out this weekend’s “Top 3,” this is Tari.

Tari joins SECR as a surrender due to significant health issues in his former owner’s family that are making it too difficult to care for Tari’s needs. He has several issues of his own, needing to be in an only-dog household and veterinary attention for some critical health issues.

Tari has difficulty walking and respiratory issues that are likely linked to his being significantly overweight. He also needs a good manicure and is battling what is quite possibly hip dysplasia. We’ll be taking Tari to our vet this week and are hoping to quickly get him on the path to a healthier, happier life. In the meantime, we look forward to helping this newbie settle in to his foster hope and give him all the “ball time” he wants. While we haven’t had Tari long, we already know that this is one of his favorite games.

Welcome to the family, Tari!