Wade Wilson

8 years old, adopted

Update June 19, 2022: Congratulations Wade Wilson!

Today is Father’s Day, and there’s no better way to celebrate the day than with an adoption – especially for Wade Wilson, who officially became a two-time SECR adoptee today!

Wade Wilson was originally adopted from SECR in 2018, and had several good years with his family before his parents’ personal health got in the way. He came back to rescue in January because his Mom was no longer able to provide him with the care he needed to thrive, and while it’s always a difficult decision we’re happy we were able to take this sweet boy back under our wing. Because, once you’re part of the SECR family, we have a place for you forever – no matter what.

Wade Wilson’s new fosters – including his young foster brother, Henry – helped him decompress, get on a healthy diet and exercise plan to lose a few pounds, and learn to have fun again. He sailed through his trial adoption and is now thriving as a healthy, happy corgi with his new forever family.

Congratulations, Wade Wilson! We’ve loved you a long time and are so happy to see you happy.


Wade’s ideal forever home is with a single (or couple) that is retired or working from home and has time and energy to give generously to this handsome boy.

Wade Wilson’s name is a bit of a misnomer.  Far from being a wisecracking mercenary, this handsome, goofy, snuggle bug is simply looking for a Forever Best Friend that will let him stay by their side.  With an emphasis on Forever!  Wade is a wonderful, loving companion, but through no fault of his own he is in rescue for a second time.  His previous owner made the heartbreaking decision to return Wade to us after several significant life changes impacted her ability to give him the care and companionship he needs and deserves.


Wade Wilson’s greatest love is being with and getting attention from his peeps — he will endearingly nudge you for love and pets.  But his second greatest love is reserved for feeding time (and he’ll even drool to prove it).  Fortunately, he is also fond of playtime and walks which helps him to keep his trim corgi figure.  

His foster describes him as friendly, loving, obedient, and chill.  Though more of a medium energy dog, he can still get his rowdy on when coaxed.  But for the most part he is all about hanging with his peeps and getting cuddles, and treats.  


Wade would benefit from continued socialization training.  He does well with the same size or smaller dogs, but is wary of large dogs.  He is also a bit wary around strangers, but will eventually warm up to them.  He is anxious and will actively bark at delivery people and strange noises.  His foster is using several strategies to deal with these and his separation anxiety, but it will still need some work. 

He has not been cat tested nor child approved.  


Wade loves his people and he loves treats, so this boy is very trainable.  He knows “Sit, Stay, Lay, Leave it, Come, Shush, Walk, and Treats.” And, he has excellent manners on his walks and is crate trained.   


  • Age:  7-8yrs.
  • Up-to-date on vaccinations and monthly prevention
  • Neutered and with no know health issues
  • Recent dental check and cleaning
  • Weight: 35 lbs

Wade Wilson can’t wait to find his new best friend and forever home.  His adoption fee is $300.  To learn about SECR’s adoption process and download an adoption applications for Wade Wilson, go to — https://southeastcorgirescue.com/help-us-help-them/adopt/


January 3, 2022: Welcome Back, Wade Wilson!

When you join the SECR family, you’re a member for life – even if that means you have to come back into rescue after having been adopted. Such is the case with Wade Wilson, a now 8-year-old senior that has come back to us following some health and other life changes in his human family. His Mom was no longer able to provide the care and attention Wade needs to thrive, so she made the difficult decision to bring him back to us.

Wade is settling in nicely to his new foster home and is adjusting to living with his new, younger foster brother, Henry. He’ll need some time to decompress, and then we’ll be working helping him lose weight and get on a healthy diet and exercise plan.

We’re so glad we can be there for you, Wade Wilson, and are happy to have you back with us!