7 years old, adopted by foster

February 25, 2023: Congratulations, Amber!

We have another adoption to announce – and it’s a BIG one! Amber finally has her forever home!

Amber joined the SECR family in August 2021 as one of seven gemstones rescued as part of our Operation Corgi Drop 2.0. Puppy mill rescues typically come to us with a variety of issues – health, social, and behavioral – and we all had our work cut out for us with Amber. Of all seven gems in her group Amber was the most withdrawn and the least trusting of people and other animals. She was fearful of being anywhere other than her crate, got nervous if her people were too close when she ate, and was terrified of being in the place where most well-adjusted dogs love the most – the yard. She was also anxious around other animals and had her share of healthcare to get caught up on. She was long overdue for a spay, and when she went in for that surgery she also needed a dental that came complete with 8 extractions.

Once she got caught up on the healthcare basics Amber’s fosters were able to focus on socialization and training. Progress with her was slow, and for every step forward there were two steps back for quite some time. But with diligence and a lot of patience, Amber slowly began to thrive. She began to seek her humans out for attention and appreciate cuddle time with them on the couch. She acknowledged her name and would come when called, and took baby steps in becoming more comfortable outside. By January of this year she found snacks she enjoys and discovered that the human bed offers yet another comfy spot, especially because it brings her closer to the people that love her and she loves back.

Amber still has a lot of work to do and will likely be making baby steps toward the full good corgi life she deserves for a while yet. But now she’s got the one thing she needs most to make that happen – trust. She trusts her family and knows they will always protect her, and finally understands that she’s with people that will never disappoint her. That’s the kind of bond that shouldn’t be broken, and all of us at SECR are glad that we won’t have to. Amber has officially been adopted by her foster family!

Congratulations, Amber and family! We’re always happy about every match we make, but this one means so much.

August 21, 2021: Welcome Amber to SECR!

Introducing our next gem from Operation Corgi Drop 2.0, Amber!

Of all seven mill rescues in this group, Amber is the most withdrawn. She doesn’t make much eye contact with people, is skeptical about leaving her crate, and doesn’t want to eat when people are watching her. The yard is a confusing place for her right now, as she’ll sit in the grass but is too nervous to move or explore.

Amber is in an only-dog home right now because she’s had anxiety around other dogs in the past, but met the resident cats yesterday and showed some curiosity about them. Amber also had her first vet appointment and, like some others in this group, has some dental issues. A good cleaning may be in her future, as will a spay, but for right now we’re being patient and just trying to reassure Amber that she’s in a safe place where she is loved. We hope to see her personality come out with time.

Welcome to the SECR family, precious Amber!