4-5 year old male, adopted

Update February 23, 2023: Congratulations, Briggs!

Please join us in celebrating Briggs, who graduates from SECR foster to adoptee today!

Briggs came into rescue last Spring as an owner surrender after showing aggression toward other dogs in the household. He needed to be the only dog in his home, and SECR was able to provide that for him so he could thrive. While in foster Briggs got caught up on routine health care and got started on a good diet and exercise regimen to drop down to a healthier weight. It’s very easy for lowriders to get to an unhealthy weight given their small frame and short stature, so shedding a few pounds was critical to Briggs’s long-term ability to thrive.

Lucky for him, Briggs excelled with socialization and became a fit and trim corgi ready for his forever! He sailed through his trial adoption this month, and today officially becomes part of a new, loving family where he can continue to be the only dog in the home. Congratulations, Briggs and family. We wish you many happy and frappy years together!


Briggs (aka Fluffy Butt) is a young, handsome active boy looking forward to living his best corgi life as the devoted 24/7 companion to his human(s). His ideal furever home would include an active, but patient work-from-home or stay-at-home human who is equally devoted to their BBB (best buddy Briggs).


Briggs’ has a long and passionate list of favorite things. He LOVES — people, food, playing soccer, taking long walks, playing fetch, riding in the car, dog ice cream, playing tug of war, swimming when he gets the chance, running around the yard, receiving treats, playing fetch (yeah, it’s worth repeating)… When it comes time to relax, Briggs loves to cuddle on the couch and keeping his human’s feet warm while they work at their desk.

And… This boy doesn’t have any bad habits. He doesn’t mark, nip heels, bark incessantly, dig, chew none toy items, or jump fences. 🙂

Briggs’ dislikes are few. Fortunately, most can be addressed or lessened over time with patient and persistent training. Briggs dislikes fireworks and gun fire and will go to his safe space (his crate) when he hears it. He hates having his feet or butt touched. He dislikes sharing his food with anyone or his humans with other dogs, so he needs to continue work on his resource guarding. And, while he has made friends with other dogs, he tends to be reactive when encountering unknown dogs.


Briggs needs to continue behavior modification training. He has been working hard on being able to maintain his focus with his foster Mom. He is stubborn and needs to burn off some excess energy first, but once his trust is earned, he makes great strides. He is housebroken, crate trained, walks well on a leash when not encountering strange dogs. He also knows “sit”, “come”, “off”, “down”, “up”, “bed”.


He loves people, especially “his” humans. But he is still in need of work for his resource guarding and socialization. With slow patient introductions he has done well interacting and playing with his foster family’s cat, a family member’s larger and older dog, and visiting older children.


Age:  4-5 yrs.
Weight: 30 lbs
Up-to-date on vaccinations and monthly prevention
Recent dental check and cleaning
No known medical issues

BRIGGS can’t wait to celebrate holidays (and ring in 2023) with his new forever family.  His adoption fee is $400.  To learn about SECR’s adoption process and download an adoption applications for Briggs, go to —


April 22, 2022: Welcome Briggs!

Who has room for another dog? We do. Always.

Say hello to our newest newbie, Briggs. He joins us as an owner surrender due to aggression with other dogs in the household and will be the one and only in his new foster home. We’ll be working with Briggs on his training and socialization needs, but healthcare is also a priority. He will be visiting the vet soon to get caught up on a routine visit and in the meantime working on a healthy diet and exercise. Briggs is overweight so we need to help him shed several pounds to become his best corgi self.

Welcome to the family, Briggs!