~ 4 years old, corgi/beagle mix, adopted

May 4, 2023: Congratulations, Honey!

The (adoption) force is strong with this one. Please put your paws in the air for Honey, who officially celebrates having her forever family today!

Honey came to SECR back in November as a shelter pull, where she landed as a stray. Once she joined her foster family she quickly got caught up on healthcare and began feeling what it’s like to be part of a pack. She learned from her foster siblings, got all the love and snuggles she could hope for and then some from her foster Mom, and in no time gained the confidence she needed to find her forever.

Honey sailed through her trial adoption and today we are happy to announce that she’s now part of a dynamic duo of corgi/beagle mixes! Her new brother looks remarkably like her, and we wish them and their lucky parents a long and happy, frappy forever together.

Congratulations, Honey!

Meet Honey

Honey is a sweet corgi/beagle mix that is ready to find her forever home. She came into rescue after being pulled from the shelter where she wound up as a stray. Honey received a lot of love and care from her foster Mom and three corgi foster siblings and quickly learned how to live the good life. She’s about 4 years old, friendly, enjoys her place in a pack, and responds well to training.

PERSONALITY & BEHAVIORS:Honey is a happy girl that is eager to please and loves to play with her humans and her foster siblings. She’s the kind of dog that wants to be wherever you are and will happily take all the affection you have to give her. She loves belly rubs, cuddles, and just feeling like she’s a part of the family. Honey also thrives on exercise, enjoying long walks on which she has plenty of opportunity to explore her surroundings and sniff all the good things there are to sniff. When she’s not out walking Honey also enjoys a good romp in the yard. 

When she’s inside Honey can often be found lounging on the couch or keeping an eye on her neighborhood from her post at the window. She’ll listen to you
when you talk to her, but if she disagrees with what you ask her to do she’ll try to melt your heart by rolling over on her belly and wagging her tail. She doesn’t play much with balls – she’s more of a bully stick kind of gal – and loves nothing more than playtime sessions during which she can run and burn some energy.


Honey is potty training and responds well to commands. She knows the basics – her name, how to sit, stay, wait, and leave it – and understands what you mean when you say “no.” She knows when it’s time for a walk, too, and will tell you how excited she is by wagging her tail and entertaining you with her classic beagle howl.


Honey is spayed, up to date on vaccines and heartworm testing, and is taking monthly preventatives for heartworm, fleas, and ticks. She’s a healthy girl and has good teeth, but she does have a slight deformity on her left front leg that will cause her to limp if she’s had too much exercise and gets tired. She is currently taking a daily joint supplement to minimize any discomfort from her limp and will need to continue doing so in her forever home. Like most corgis and beagles, Honey loves to eat – she’s not picky – and is prone to gaining weight easily. To stay in her healthiest, best shape, Honey will need to stick to a portion controlled, quality low fat diet and get regular exercise.


Honey is a sweet, friendly girl that does well with her pack (currently, three corgi foster siblings) and gets along with male and female dogs. She does get very protective of her own family, though, especially when meeting dogs she doesn’t know on walks and in public settings. She’ll need to be introduced to new dogs she meets slowly because of her protective nature, and may need guidance and correction to learn how to interact calmly. Honey doesn’t have any experience with cats yet, so she’d need slow and supervised introductions with them, too. But, given her desire to fit in with and be part of a family, it’s likely she’ll accept a cat that lives with her as part of her pack.


Honey would do well with an active family that can accompany Honey on all the adventures she wants to take. She’s a dog that likes to be on-the-go – walking, sniffing, and exploring – and needs a family (and preferably a small canine sibling or two) that is ready and willing to participate in her active lifestyle. Part beagle, Honey does have some hunting instincts so she’ll need a secure, fenced in yard where she can explore without worrying about getting into any trouble. She would do well in a home without children or older children who are aged 8 or older.


Honey’s adoption fee is $250.  

Learn about Southeast Corgi Rescue’s adoption process, FAQ, and download an adoption application at https://southeastcorgirescue.com/help-us-help-them/adopt/


November 17, 2022: Welcome Honey!

Please help us welcome our newest addition to the SECR family, Honey!

We recently pulled Honey from a shelter where she wound up as a stray. She comes to us in need of routine healthcare and vaccines and we’ll be getting her caught up with one of our vets soon. In the meantime, Honey’s foster family – including some corgi foster siblings that have already welcomed her to their pack – is also hard at work to get Honey on a healthy diet and exercise plan to help her lose weight. Honey has probably been through a lot as a stray, and in the short time we’ve had her she’s already shown us how thankful she is to have a comfy bed, a yard to explore, and pals to join her on some long walks and hikes. She’s also experienced her first-ever spa day and confirms that a clean corgi is a very happy corgi!

This girl is as sweet as her name suggests and we’re so glad to have her. Welcome to SECR, Honey!