6 years old, adopted by foster

April 7, 2023: Congratulations, Jacki!

It’s always nice to kick off the weekend on a high note, and today we’re doing just that with a celebration for our girl Jacki! Please put your paws together for this sweet girl as she officially graduates from SECR foster to adoptee.

Jackie joined the SECR family nearly a year ago, needing placement in an only-pet home with no children as she was experiencing anxiety around other animals and kids in her previous household. She also needed some orthopedic care as she was experiencing pain related to osteoarthritis in her hips. Lucky for us – and for Jacki – we found the perfect-for-her foster home where she could be the queen of her castle AND get all the medical care and training she needed to thrive. Jacki’s foster family stood by her while she got caught up on medical care, worked with her on resource guarding issues, and, not surprisingly, developed a tight bond with this special needs girl. It’s a bond that we’re happy to share will never be broken, as Jacki has officially been adopted by her foster family!

To help Jacki and her family celebrate, please consider helping other dogs like her by applying to foster a special needs rescue dog! Applications are available on the foster page on our website.

April 12, 2022: Welcome Jacki!

We’re a little late in posting for yesterday’s #nationalpetday, but it’s with good reason – we were getting yet another SECR newbie settled into her foster home!

Say hello to Jacki! She joins us as an owner surrender because she was having difficulty getting along with other dogs in her home. She also has anxiety around children and takes her time warming up to new people. Jacki will be with us in an only-dog foster home so we can best help her work on resource guarding, boosting her confidence, and other training and socialization. Addressing Jacki’s health needs are also a top priority for us. She’s currently battling hip and leg pain related to osteoarthritis of her femoral joint (hip joint), so we’ll be having her evaluated by a specialist for potential surgery.

Jacki has a long road in front of her but we’re glad she’s with us and are happy we can give her the care she needs to get on the road to her best corgi life.

Welcome to the family, Jacki!