Scarlett and Henry

9-year-old bonded corgi/terrier mixes, adopted

Update January 7, 2022: Congratulations, Scarlett!

Please join us in celebrating our first adoptee of 2023, Scarlett!

Those of you who have followed the journey of Scarlett and her bonded brother, Henry, know they have quite the story. These two little corgi / terrier mixes joined the SECR family back in July 2021 after we pulled them from a shelter where they were surrendered as part of a group of 10 dogs and 6 birds. They were overweight and had corresponding mobility challenges, were experiencing colitis and respiratory issues, and needed dental care.

Thanks to the dedication of their foster, Henry and Scarlett got on the right track to health, and were both at  their personal best this past summer. Henry was ready for adoption, but at the time Scarlett had heart valve issues that were expected to need lifelong care, and SECR was committed to providing it for her. We were lucky enough to find a family that wanted to provide a forever home for the bonded siblings and in October 2022 they officially adopted Henry and signed on as forever fosters for Scarlett.

She continued treatment and testing over the months that followed and towards the end of the year vets found that Scarlett’s heart valve issues had resolved and she would likely no longer need the same level of lifelong specialty care. We’re so excited to be able to share this news and the fact that Scarlett’s improvement would allow her to officially graduate from SECR foster to adoptee. Scarlett has officially been adopted by her forever fosters!

Congratulations, Scarlett! We wish you, Henry, and your Mom and Dad a long and happy forever together!

Update October 7, 2022: Congratulations Henry and Scarlett!

SECR celebrates every single adoption, but the ones that are a long time coming are always a little extra special.

Our little celebrities, Henry Fonda (left) and Scarlett O’Hara came into rescue over a year ago, pulled from a shelter where they were surrendered as part of a group of 10 dogs and 6 birds. This duo had been through a lot, and the only thing they always had to count on was each other. They came to SECR as a bonded pair, battling issues with weight, mobility, and their respiratory systems. Henry also had colitis, and both seniors were in desperate need of a dental. Their foster family helped us get Henry and Scarlett caught up on all their veterinary care and worked with both diligently over the last year to get them down to a healthy weight.

Both pups reached a point of being ready for their forever over the summer – finally being their happiest, healthiest, most energetic selves. But, they were in a bit of a unique situation. We discovered that Scarlett has heart valve issues that will require lifelong special care and medication, and as a rescue we are committed to providing her with what she needs for as long as she needs it. So, when Henry came ready for adoption, we found a very special family that was willing and eager to make the bonded duo their own – Henry as an adoptee and Scarlett as an SECR forever foster.

So, today we celebrate Henry’s adoption, Scarlett’s new forever foster, and families like theirs that happily join us in doing what’s best for every dog that comes to us, every single time. Congratulations, Henry and Scarlett. We’re so glad we could bring you and your new family together and look forward to seeing you on the red carpet for years to come. We love you both!

Summer 2022: Give Henry and Scarlett their Forever Home!

Henry and Scarlett are an adorable pair of corgi/terrier mix seniors. They are absolutely devoted to each other. We would like to see their dream of finding their forever home come true, but they have a unique situation. They are looking for a very special home with someone who is willing to adopt Henry and become the forever foster of Scarlett.

Southeast Corgi Rescue would like Scarlett to remain a part of rescue as a forever foster with Henry’s new family, because Scarlett has heart valve issues. We want to ensure she gets the medical care and monthly medications she needs. So, who ever adopts Henry would also need to become Scarlett’s forever foster — someone to love and care for her, while SECR continues to be financially responsible for her medical care. In this situation there is a $125 adoption fee for Henry and no adoption fee for Scarlett.


These two cuties enjoy a low-key lifestyle. They would probably do best with a retired individual or couple as they are homebodies and like a set routine particularly when it comes to meals. They love grooming each other, hanging with their people, taking leisurely walks, getting head pats and scratches, and of course treats. While Scarlett is more the curious leader and can be a bit reactive towards other dogs, Henry is more reserved and timid, but can get a little grumpy when startled or anxious in a new situations.


Scarlett and Henry came into rescue when their owner, who was elderly, passed away. They are velcro dogs and want to be with their human(s) as much as possible. While both are people friendly and they enjoy receiving attention and pats from adults and older children, they aren’t interested in playing with toys or being messed with. Cats are ignored, while other dogs are ignored, barked at, or occasionally (with Scarlett) aggressively pursued. Though she does respond well to distraction training.


These two are food motivated and can be quickly trained. They walk well on leash and know “sit, come, out of the kitchen, wait/stay, potty, and leave it.”


  • Age: unknown – estimated between 7-11yrs.
  • Up-to-date on vaccinations and monthly prevention
  • Scarlett spayed; Henry neutered
  • Dental: Recent check and cleaning
  • Henry has no know health issues.
  • Scarlett has heart valve issues.
  • Weight— Currently at a healthy weight — Henry, 20 lbs and Scarlett, 17.5 lbs (Both were considerably overweight, 35# & 31# respectively, when they came into rescue.)

Henry and Scarlett can’t wait to become a part of their new forever family. There is a $125 adoption fee for Henry and no adoption fee for Scarlett, since she will be a forever foster. To learn about SECR’s adoption process and download an adoption applications for Henry, go to —


July 7 2021: Welcome Scarlett O’Hara and Henry Fonda to SECR!

Please join us on the red carpet to welcome SECR’s newest star-studded duo, Scarlett O’Hara and Henry Fonda!

Scarlett and Henry are bonded 8-year-old Norfolk Terrier/Corgi mixes who join us following a shelter pull, where they were surrendered as part of a group of 10 dogs and 6 birds. Both pups came to us with a number of issues we are currently treating to put them on the road to wellness.

Both Scarlett and Henry need help with a healthy diet, with Scarlett being the most overweight and struggling a bit with breathing and mobility (even a short walk is a lot to tackle right now) because of it. They are both currently taking Metronidazole for stomach upset – Henry’s the result of Colitis – and Scarlett is also on antibiotics for irritation on her rear end due to a few too many fat folds. Skin irritation from allergies or possible flea exposure in their previous home is also an issue for both Henry and Scarlett, which we hope to see improve as we begin to transition them to a healthier dry food with fish. A dental cleaning and, for Scarlett, an extraction, are also in these pups’ future.

Henry and Scarlett (and their foster) are dealing with a lot, but they aren’t letting temporary health setbacks get them down. They have a sweet temperment, crave all the human attention they can get, and rely on eachother for comfort. Scarlett and Henry do literally everything together and one won’t even eat or take a (currently short) walk without the other.

We’ll share more about this bonded pair as soon as we know more about them, but for now getting them settled and their immediate health issues taken care of is a top priority.

Welcome to the family, Scarlett and Henry! We’ll all be lining up for your autographs and a selfie as soon as you’re both up to it!