2 years old, adopted

Update April 26, 2023: Congratulations, Yura!

Please put your paws together for Yura, who celebrates her adoption today!

Yura came in to rescue last May as an owner surrender because her previous owners didn’t have the time needed to focus on training and socializing a young corgi. She had been spending most of her time alone outside, was overweight, and had issues with resource guarding due to limited interaction with people and other animals. Fast forward nearly a year, and Yura is a “new” dog. Her foster family worked diligently on Yura’s training and socialization, taught her how to share space and resources with other dogs, and got her on a healthy diet and exercise plan that brought her down to a fit and trim 27 pounds. Yura is still a typical corgi girl in that she likes to be the leader of the pack, and she needs time and patience in adjusting to new pups she meets outside her home. But, she thankfully now has the skills she needs to succeed, and a new family that will cheer her on along the way!

We received many good applications for Yura and chose the best fit for her where she’ll continue to thrive with a corgi brother helping to maintain her sharing and social skills. Congratulations, Yura and family! We wish you a long and happy forever together.

Update February 17, 2023: Yura is ready for her forever home!

Yura’s just a girl, sitting in front of a camera, waiting for someone to adopt her.

After 9 months of hard work in foster to improve her physical fitness, lose weight, and master her training and socialization skills, our girl Yura is ready to leave the nest and find her forever home. She’s a young, sweet girl who loves to cuddle and thrives on all the human attention she can get. While she enjoys lazy days on the couch, she’s an active girl who needs the balance of a lot of physical activity to maintain her now fit and trim corgi physique. She would thrive in a corgi-experienced home with one or more family members who work from home or where she’s not alone for long periods of time. Yura would also do best with an active couple or single person, no children or with older children, all of whom can devote the ongoing time and attention she needs to work on her socialization and training.

She is a typical, sassy female corgi who likes to feel like the leader of the pack, so she should only share her home with other, calm and easygoing male dogs. It takes her some time to adjust to other dogs outside her home and she tends to be reactive towards them on walks and in other public areas. Her new people should be prepared to continue working with her on this type of anxiety. Yura was also very overweight when she came into rescue – about 40 pounds – and thanks to the diligent work of her fosters is now a slimmer and healthier 27 pounds. Her new family will need to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen with Yura, recognizing that it’s very easy for a low rider to cross the line from a healthy to unhealthy weight.

If you’re 21+, live in the Carolinas or Georgia, and think you can check all of Yura’s boxes, check out the rest of her album and head to our website to apply to adopt! She’ll be here waiting, as cute as ever!

May 27, 2022: Welcome Yura!

Heading into a long weekend means that we have more time to introduce SECR newbies, and we certainly have a few! Please help us welcome Yura!

Yura is a one-year-old girl who comes to us as an owner surrender because her previous owners didn’t have the time or ability to train or socialize a young corgi. She spent much of her time outside on her own and needs to get accustomed to life with a family and learn to interact appropriately with people and other animals. Yura’s fosters and her corgi foster brother will be working with her on potty and behavioral training, socialization, and issues with resource guarding as through no fault of her own she she doesn’t yet know the first thing about sharing with others.

Yura also comes to us overweight and battling a possible UTI, so we’ll be getting her checked out by our vets and on a healthy diet and exercise plan. We look forward to working with her and getting her on track to her best corgi life.

Welcome to the SECR family, Yura. We’re so glad to have you with us!