7-year-old corgi mix, rainbow bridge

March 29, 2023: Rest in Peace, Chase

Today we share the heartbreaking news that we’ve said goodbye to one of our sweetest boys, Chase.

Chase joined the SECR family in December as a shelter pull after he was surrendered by elderly owners who weren’t in a position to care for a special needs dog. We were anxious to step in to help him, and were lucky we had a dedicated foster family on board to do it too. When Chase came to us, he had significant cataracts and sight loss, and we knew that it would be a gamble whether restoring his vision was a possibility. Visits to our vets and specialists confirmed it wasn’t and that Chase’s eye condition was too far advanced for any surgical procedure to make a difference. It turns out, though, that this wasn’t to be Chase’s biggest hurdle, as he had other more significant issues going on with his health. When he came to us this sweet boy had significant GI symptoms that we at first hoped were just the result of anxiety from all he’d been through. However, when they wouldn’t subside and Chase’s stomach upset and bowel issues worsened, we took him to another specialist that confirmed this sweet boy was also battling metastatic cancer. It was advanced and in a place that made surgical intervention impossible, so we accepted the reality that Chase’s condition was terminal and all we could do was give him the best, most comfortable life we could for as long as we could.

Our time with Chase was cut much too short, but in the time we did have he taught us one of the most important things we could hope to learn about life: the littlest things are the big things, and they’re what always matter most. Chase had his share of issues, but he didn’t let a single one get in his way of living his best possible life with the parents and foster siblings he’d come to love most in this world. Every day, he smiled. He enjoyed romps in the yard. He gleefully played with his favorite toy – his squirrel. He loved and waited enthusiastically for every meal. He spent quality time with his foster siblings. He relished in all the love he received from his parents and gave every ounce of it right back. Chase was happy and carefree, and he made his family happy too.

Chase’s condition took a quick and somewhat unexpected turn for the worst earlier this week when his tumor began protruding and caused a significant bleed. He was uncomfortable and suffering, and we do not let our dogs suffer. With no options to help Chase, we made the hardest decision we could make. He went peacefully in the arms of his foster Mom, being reminded how much he is loved. As far as these things go, we are thankful that Chase wasn’t in pain long and lived making the most of every moment until his last.

We’ll always love you, Chase, and be thankful for the opportunity to have you and everything you taught us in our lives. Rest in peace, sweet boy.

December 3, 2022: Welcome Chase!

Weekends are for rescue, and we’ve got a new one to introduce. Say hello to Chase!

Chase joins the SECR family as a shelter pull, where he was recently surrendered by an elderly owner no longer in a position to care for a special needs dog. Chase is blind, has a cataract on his right eye that may require surgery soon, and needs a family that can help him navigate through life and the healthcare he needs. We’re so happy that we can provide him with one.

Chase has been through a lot lately. He has some issues with anxiety, recently recovered from a bad upper-respiratory infection, and is battling some gastrointestinal upset that has likely been aggravated by all the stress from his recent life changes. Chase will be seeing our vet this coming week for a check-up and bloodwork, as well as some tests to measure his eye pressure. There is also a dental to come in his near future, along with a visit to a veterinary eye specialist to determine the best course of treatment for his cataract and vision loss. In the meantime, though, we’re just happy to have Chase with us and are helping him slowly get settled in to his new foster home.

Despite everything Chase is dealing with, he’s an extremely sweet boy who loves attention and finds comfort in having people talk him through getting the lay of his new land. He has good mobility and navigates very well. However, given his blindness, having a human voice for guidance gives him the reassurance he needs.

Welcome to the family, Chase! We are so glad to have you with us and look forward to giving you all the TLC you need.