4 months old, Rainbow Bridge

September 30, 2021: We love you, Dewey

We are heartbroken. Our little boy Dewey didn’t make it. He was hospitalized in the ICU and we were treating his UTI aggressively in the hopes that he would get better. Unfortunately, he became lethargic and stopped eating, and the vets were able to x-ray and ultrasound him and sadly discovered that his kidneys, ureters, and bladder were all malformed, leading to urine leakage inside his abdominal cavity as well bladder stones, which were likely very painful. His ureters were not draining into the bladder as they were supposed to, and his kidney had become enlarged, likely due to obstruction. The surgeon said his issues would not be treatable surgically. He was suffering, so we had to urgently let him go last night.

We held him tight and told him he was a good boy, and that we all loved him, especially his foster parents (who sadly were out of town so were not able to say goodbye). He fought so hard but just couldn’t do it anymore. We told him it was ok to rest. He never really had a chance; his congenital anomalies were too severe.

Our condolences to his foster parents, who gave him as much of a normal happy life as possible in the short time he was with them. He was so loved. He played and cuddled with his foster sisters, played fetch, went out on the town with his family, met lots of adoring friends, played board games, went antiquing, enjoyed car rides, went to a farm, and watched football outside on a beautiful fall day.

Sleep well, little puppy, until we meet again.

September 16, 2021: Welcome Dewey to SECR!

Behind this adorable puppy face is a puppy with too many issues for one so young. Meet Dewey. This little boy is about 12 weeks old. A “breeder” (most likely puppy mill) gave him to somebody. The person realized he had issues more than he could handle and thankfully contacted the rescue. This poor guy is incontinent of stool and leaves little nuggets all over the place. He has problems with his rectum. He also has problems with his rear mobility. He has hookworms leading to anemia and he has a skin infection due to intermittent urine leakage. Dewey also has partially distended testicles. We do not know if all this is due to some congenital anomaly or if he was injured somehow perhaps when they docked his tail. Despite these problems (the vet called him a hot mess) Dewey is so happy and has the best temperament. We love his zest for life. Hopefully some of these issues will be able to be corrected. We will be getting him seen at NC State veterinary school to help him live his best life.

Dewey will be with a special needs foster while we help him work through his many critical medical issues and is not available for adoption at this time.