Senior ~ Male ~  Rainbow Bridge

Update February 11, 2022: Rest in Peace, Dobby

Coming to terms with the fact that we’ve lost one of our own never gets easier, and it breaks our hearts to share the news that one of our beloved forever fosters, Dobby, crossed the rainbow bridge this week.

Dobby joined the SECR family nearly three years ago at an estimated age of 12 when an independent rescuer saved him from a family that didn’t take good medical care of him and brought him to SECR so he could get the medical care and love he needed to thrive for the time he had left. He came to us with arthritis and IVDD and badly in need of a dental and he wasn’t exactly sure how to live inside as part of a family. Yet, despite his medical issues and rough background he was one of the happiest, most loving corgis we’d ever met and let us know every day how thankful he was for the chance we’d given him. The truth is, we were thankful for Dobby every day, too, and for his dedicated, loving foster family that committed to treating sweet Dobby like the king he was. Thanks to the wonderful care he received, Dobby stayed with us much longer than we ever expected him to and every minute of those nearly three years was a blessing for us as much as it was him.

Dobby started experiencing more critical health issues in the last year, and most recently battled chronic kidney disease. This week his kidney values rose to critical levels, indicating he was in end stage kidney failure, and despite the best intentions from his family and his veterinary care team there was little that could be done to improve his quality of life. He was having difficulty eating, didn’t have much energy for more than sleeping, and was unstable on his feet. Because we love him, we made the most difficult choice there is in rescue to help him, and we’re so thankful to his wonderful foster family for sticking by him right to the very end to remind him he was special and loved.

Thank you, Dobby, for being the wonderful boy you are and for reminding us every day what it means to rescue. We love you always.

In Loving Memory Dobby


Dobby 3

Dobby here, checking in with a full 360 view to tell you he’s looking good on all sides! Happy, handsome face on the front, and “angel wings” on the back!


This is the sweetest boy–how did he end up in rescue?” said our vet when Dobby came into rescue. This adorable senior was surrendered by an independent rescuer who saved him from being euthanized by a family who did not take good medical care of him. He has arthritis and IVDD, but is otherwise in pretty good shape for a senior. We aren’t sure how old he is and were told he was 10, but he came with a rabies tag from 2007 so he’s at least 11. Despite his age and arthritis, Dobby is in good shape: fit at 26 lbs, heartworm negative, and no obvious systemic illnesses. He’ll be getting some supplements for his joint issues and a badly needed dental, then will be making his way to his foster home so he can learn to live as a well taken care of inside family member. Dobby is good with dogs and cats, and reportedy also with kids. Welcome to SECR sweet boi!