Frank Sinatra

12 years old  ~ Rainbow Bridge


In loving memory - Frank Sinatra

We always say that, in rescue, the hardest things we have to do are the most important. We know going into this that our pups’ forever is always going to be a lot shorter than ours, and when the time comes we’ll need to make the tough decisions to help them get the rest they need. The fact that we know it, though, doesn’t make that decision any easier.

We are heartbroken to have to announce today that last night we had to say goodbye to one of the greats. Our sweet boy Frank Sinatra crossed the Rainbow Bridge with his Dad by his side, unable to recover from an unexpected illness. Over the past week Frank’s condition quickly deteriorated and he had been seen twice by his regular vet. Yesterday he was transported to the emergency hospital for more diagnostic tests and care, but unfortunately his condition could not be helped. We are happy we were able to spend Frank’s last few months with him, giving him what he desired most – a loving home with devoted parents who allowed him to be the Corgi king of his castle.

We are incredibly thankful for Frank’s foster, who stuck by him always and was there to comfort him until the very end. RIP, Frank. We love you and you’ll always be a legend in our eyes.


UPDATE MARCH 28, 2020:

Frank 3

Frank’s foster Dad is a teacher, and since his class can’t be together right now he’s been sending a morning message to them all every day. Earlier this week he sent the class a picture of himself with Frank. He explained what a foster is, and asked the kids to reflect on what a dog needs to stay healthy and happy.

The response shown here is one he received from one of his first graders.

Sometimes fostering can be tough – it has its ups and downs and its steps forward and back. But, stories like these are reminders that fostering is a force of good even when we’re all faced with tough times. Our first thought in fostering is that we need to do something to help the dogs, but don’t forget that they’re also helping us and the people we care about in the process.

March 23, 2020: There’s a celebrity in the house!! Everyone, please join us in giving the warmest of SECR welcomes to our newest rescue, Frank Sinatra! Frank joins us as an owner surrender due to his increasing discomfort with sharing his home with other dogs. He wants to be in an only-dog home, and we’re happy we have a foster who’s willing to provide that! This boy will be joining the family as a forever foster. We’ll be posting more about Frank Sinatra as we learn more about him, but for now we know he’s happiest when he has his humans to himself and he loves to play ball! Frank also has an enlarged heart and takes daily medication to manage that, so we’ll be making sure he keeps up with all the medical treatment he needs. Stay tuned for updates – if you’re lucky Frank Sinatra may just sing us all one of his best-selling hits before too long 🙂