Senior ~ Male ~ Rainbow bridge

Update:  Friends, we are so sad. This little fellow just didn’t have a chance.

His x-ray shows lesions on his spine. His blood work is severely abnormal. He most likely has metastatic cancer. Additionally he has several wounds that are maggot infested and that the vet says would need extensive debridement for and would be difficult to recover from even for a young healthy dog. We will spare you the picture of those wounds, but they are horrific. It’s unclear what they are from. Possibly related to his cancer.

The vet has cleaned up his wounds the best they could and given him some medication for the pain. They also gave him IV fluids as he was dehydrated. Our foster has taken him home for the night so that he can be showered with love and kindness. He will get whatever he wants to eat, He will sleep on his foster mom’s bed, and he will be told that his life mattered. Tomorrow morning, we will send him to the bridge to end his suffering. Go in peace, Kody. Although we have only known you for a day, we love you.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent him your prayers and thoughts and donations. We wish we could have done more for him. Whatever we don’t need for Kody’s bills will go to save other dogs in need.


Meet Kody. This calm and sweet senior boy was advertised for free on Craiglist. Sadly, his elderly owners could no longer take care of him, and their family was trying to find him a new home as they were unable to keep him. Thankfully, they agreed to work with rescue. A kind volunteer saw him posted and worked diligently to get him safe. We’re not sure if he has had any vet care recently.

Kody is overweight and has some trouble walking. He also has terrible breath and his mouth/teeth look horrific. The volunteer saw maggots coming off his mouth. He also appears to have an oral mass. Despite these issues he is as sweet as can be and has been enjoying getting love from a 9 year old in his foster home. He’s now with a temporary foster and will be going to the vet today for some urgent care. Please send him your wishes. If you would like to donate towards his care, we would much appreciate it as we have many seniors under our care.