Lord Zipper

Senior ~ Male ~ Rainbow Bridge

Lord Zipper went to the Rainbow Bridge to reunite with his much loved deceased former parents.  He did very well for a long time under his forever foster family’s care despite having renal and liver disease. He was loved, and he knew it. We almost lost him at Thanksgiving, but, thankfully, he turned the corner and was able to enjoy Christmas with his family, even trying to sneak stuff from under the tree! Sadly, he took a turn for the worse with his liver and kidneys failing, and he was suffering. The vet said that the best thing to do would be to send him to the bridge, with love. It’s the least we could do. Thank you, foster family, for showing this fine gentleman the love that he lost when his first parents died. He is reunited with them now. Go in peace, Lord Zipper, we love you.

Meet Lord Zipper — This adorable but chunky boy is glad to be in a loving foster home. Lord Zipper was much loved by his former family. Sadly, both his parents were killed and he ended up being boarded at his vet’s office for months. A kind adopter with corgis of her own tried to adopt him, but he did not get along with her dogs so he ended up back at the vet. We were contacted and despite having many dogs in rescue and low funds, could not say no. We’ll be getting him up to date on health needs and assessing his temperament to prepare him for a forever home. You’re with us now, Lord Zipper; we will take care of you.